All About Jan Toyota’s Commercials

Toyota, as we may all know, is taking the automaker industry to a whole new level. They have primarily dominated the Japanese domestic market. Recently, they have also been playing as one of the strongest market players in the whole world’s automotive industry. Along with giant competing companies, Toyota has proven a name and specific branding for itself. Quality has been their advantage and they are well perceived for that. However, nowadays, all the companies have shifted to different mechanisms and strategies for promotions. Weaker quality car companies probably boosted sales through effective campaigns. Thus, it is a no brainer that in a broader sense of doing business, it all falls to how a company does one thing: marketing.

Marketing: vital role in any business

Marketing is about concepts. Marketing is a sole component of its own, and it makes or breaks a business development’s foundation. No matter how great a product is, no matter how reliable your people are, no matter how reasonable your pricing is if your audience is not communicated well about it; then it is a flop.

Toyota realizes that, fortunately. As conventional and noble as they may have started, they are now actively exploring different marketing tactics to further expand their scope of business. Toyota has realized the power of advertising. And they understood that reaching out to the masses is viable through implementing effective commercials. Toyota also reflected on the efficiency of media, how it generates consumerism, and the impact it has on people’s decision making. Watching any media platforms today is basically a norm and leaves an impact on everyone’s mindsets. Toyota then finally stepped on to doing media advertisements like releasing ad campaigns on

The making of Jan Toyota

It all started in December 2012, when Toyota successfully launched an ad campaign that features a character by the name of Jan Toyota. Jan, who is played by Laurel Coppock, an American actress, has gathered lots of recognition by viewers, simply because people could relate to this character. She portrays a relatable character that helps people and shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for. Ever since the successful launch in 2012, Toyota continued its contract with Laurel Coppock and continued to build upon Jan’s Toyota character as well.

Behind the scenes

Flashback 2 years before the first launch of Jan Toyota which was played out by Laurel Coppock, Toyota actually did very careful research. They engaged with 5000 of their customers, through large scale studies and focus group discussions. It took them a while to gather results from consumers. They have also entertained 500 prospective actors for their auditions. And finally, they came up with giving the role to Laurel Coppock, who also had her own sketch comedy series on youtube which is called the Breakwomb.

Toyota’s effective advertising tactics

·        Jan Toyota is expecting a baby


Jan Toyota’s role started out as your friendly and quirky receptionist. But as the real actress Laurel became pregnant and expecting a baby, Toyota took that opportunity to shift Jan Toyota’s role on screen as well. Playing as a mom for both on and off-screen, Laura’s character as Jan was threaded into the scripts of Toyota’s ad. This definitely becomes more appealing for couples who can relate, and also starting a family soon. Rather than hiding Laurel’s pregnancy on screen, which could have been a probable option, Toyota and their agency of record, Saatchi & Saatchi LA made it possible to prepare a storyline which includes Toyota Jan to be pregnant. This became an opportunity for Toyota to highlight a new way and style of an ad campaign. What better timing, releasing this ad on a mother’s day!

·        Jan singing

During the holidays of 2019, Toyota launched an advertisement featuring Toyota Jan. In this clip, it shows Jan, portrayed by Laurel Coppock, singing through acapella. They call it “Jancapella.” It was a modified Christmas song with an end with a line that says “come and get your Toyota.” It was yet again a refreshing surprise for Jan fans, as Jan sang so flawlessly and perfectly. She was able to cater to her vocal skills in a simple yet very brilliant manner. If you want to see how amazing she sounded, check on Jan Toyota. All her other ads are posted and I am sure you’d be a fan of hers as well.

·        Toyota is here to help

Despite the current crisis that everyone is facing against the pandemic, COVID-19, Toyota yet again decided to release an ad to ease their clients about the situation. Secondly, to remind clients that, “Toyota is here to help”. This slogan is perfect as it notifies Toyota users that the car company is still willing to reach out and do as best as they can to help them with their car’s needs. It also serves as a reminder that Toyota’s business is open. The company aired 2 slots of ads. The first ad mentions that their company’s service departments continue its operations. So customers can still replace their vehicles with available deferred payments for 90 days. And another commercial mentions an online service scheduling, and that vehicle can be dropped off with no contact with anyone. It eventually ended with Jan reassuring the viewers, “We’re here for you.” It was a very simple and subtle advertisement featuring Jan with a mug engraved with the Toyota logo. It is easy to tell that the ad was taken in her personal home with her husband, probably filming her. This is due to the enforced social distancing rule in America.

jan toyota

Needless to say, the portrayal of Laurel Coppock as Jan Toyota is definitely effective for the company’s brand image. The unique storylines have gathered fans and Toyota lovers to continue viewing upcoming advertisements. The character of Jan’s is definitely an iconic one, simply because it’s so realistic and people could really relate to her. The characteristic of Jan is a representation of how Toyota can be trustworthy, reliable, and loyal to her clients. It definitely is a win-win partnership for both the actress and the corporate giant, Toyota. What do you think of Jan? Share your thoughts.

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