Automotive Cars with Bird Emblems

It is often said that car logos represent the company as a whole. Most people could tell and judge a vehicle’s quality by simply looking at the emblem embossed in front and rear parts. Automaker companies have understood how important emblems are. Starting in the past up until the recent era, car companies would try to modify car emblems from time to time, to increase brand awareness and therefore lead to more sales revenues. However, one common design and trend in the automotive industry is having a car with bird emblem. It proves true to some car companies out there. It comes in different designs and symbols, but they sure choose it for a reason. Let’s try to figure some of these cars with bird emblem. Using animals to represent their company’s strength and values are is commonplace, so why are birds one of the most popular ones used?

Which car birds were used as symbols?

·        Hyundai Equus

car with bird emblem
2011 Hyundai Equus

Hyundai, a South Korean automaker company, had launched and produced its high end and a luxury car from 1999 to 2016. It was in 1999 when they released their first-generation model and later on in 2015, they decided to spin off this model to a whole new luxury division of Hyundai which was then called Genesis Motor. They named this luxury car like the Hyundai Equus. The word “Equus” is a Latin name that means horse or steed. It would come as no surprise that the company would use a horse figure as their emblem. However, if you look at their car emblem, you might get a little confused. The logo is obviously is representing a flying figure, but as to what specifically it is, we can only guess. Some would say it is a bird car emblem that was chosen by Hyundai and that’s pretty much far from the meaning of their model’s name. This car model has actually been competing with other luxurious brands like the Mercedes Benz or BMW.

·        Toyota Century


Another company that has confidently released a car with bird emblem is Toyota. This company has proven its authenticity and flagship as one of the most stable automotive companies in the world today. They also have a bird emblem car which is called the Toyota Century. It is a luxury sedan that was produced mainly for its domestic market in Japan. An even though this is a luxury car model, this was actually not sold in the luxury division of Toyota, which is Lexus. There is no contact for both divisions when it comes to producing the Century model. Toyota Century’s name was derived from the 100th birthday of the company’s founder, Sakichi Toyoda who was born in 1867. So in 1967, Toyota launched and produced the Toyota Century. It is produced continuously until the present, with three generation models. This sedan is often used by politicians and high-level executive businessmen in Japan. The emblem bird that they used is called the Hō’ō or Fushichō from Asian mythology, which represents the Imperial House of Japan. You can find this in the local historical city of Kyoto in Japan.

·        Aston martin


The iconic wings badge used for Aston Martin cars is too popular for us to say that their company is one of the first and pioneer car companies that used a bird emblem bird badge. The company was founded in 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. They have used a different logo when they started but they eventually changed it in 1927 by using bird’s wings with their company’s name. This London company’s cars were regarded as a British cultural icon. And in 1964, Aston Martin’s DB5 model was used in the film, Goldfinger which featured a fictional character who is popularly known as James Bond. The martin emblems have not changed so drastically from the past until now. Although they have modified its wings’ shapes and colors of the badges, it remained a bit similar to each other. In 2003 until the current car launches, they continued using the silver Aston Martin badge which is recognized easily for its luxurious sophistication.

·        Bentley


Last but definitely not the least, this car company is also very much recognized for using a car bird logo. However, as simple as it looks like, the Bentley badge also entails a simpler context for its emblem’s meaning. This logo reflects two wings with a letter B in the center. It is a no brainer as to what the letter stands for, as it obviously depicts the company’s name which is Bentley. The two wings around this letter represent speed. And since the company is known for its power and speed, this is a great logo to portray what their cars are capable of. Although Bentley has had changes in their logos, they did not have any major changes. As of now, the company still uses the silver B badge with two wings placed on the left and right sides.

A bird’s characteristics

It comes as no surprise that carmakers would often compare their bird car models to the speed, power, and strength of a bird. Birds are known to be flying machines because of their evolutionary gift of feathers. They have very powerful wings, the kind that can fly about and sustain for a very long time. This is the characteristic that the carmakers would like to project and compare with. Although cars can’t fly (that may be possible one day though, we never know!), cars surely can be driven speedily and strongly just like a bird’s powerful wings. There are different cars that do meet this comparison though, you just need to check more reviews for yourself and see which car is worth driving and flying with.

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