Buff your Car and Maintain its Shine

Everyone would have to agree that owning a car pretty much seems like having a pet, or even a kid for that matter. You need to take care of it, wash it, feed it (load it up with gasoline), and make sure it is in its perfect condition. It sure is easier said than done. Owning a car means embracing that obligation to protect and maintain your property no matter what. However, as much as we avoid, we still encounter minimal damage or scratches to our cars. So, your car probably has experienced a few as well. Read along with this content as we discuss the different ways on how to buff a car. This article is about how you can maintain your car’s shine through buffing. It will also answer your question as to how to buff and possibly eliminate scratches.

What exactly is buffing?

It is a procedure by which a thin layer of a clear coat is removed from your car’s surface. It will then be polished like how sandpaper works, to finally have a shinier finish. As you may have discovered, if you just ignore the scratches and scuffs from your vehicle, it will possibly reveal a rusty texture that will downgrade its physical appearance. Buffing usually uses polishers or waxing compounds and it enables the removal of a surmountable layer of paint that includes the scratches and imperfect layers along with it. After this procedure, your car is getting more beautiful from the inside out. In a layman’s term, it’s like removing the dead skin cells to reveal the new youthful, brighter, and healthier layer from within.

What scratches and damages your car’s paint?

It is next to impossible to own a car without any scuff marks or scratches. Over time, it will always earn a lot more because it’s always running and being used. And of course, in the worst cases, dents do happen too. There are basically 3 types of car paints and these are Enamel, Lacquer, and Urethane. All of the paint is usually made with a variety of chemicals. These chemical layers are not invincible to scratches though. Any kind of fiction to the car’s surface may trigger a scuff. Any physical contact or bump of your car to any surface, whether it’s a tap or a crash, will produce damages to the automotive coating. There are also instances where outer surfaces of the cars will experience to fade out due to weather conditions and humidity. All of these factors are attributable to why it is important to buff cars.

how to buff a car

Different useful tips and tricks to maintain your vehicle’s car paint

It sure is frustrating to discover a new small mark, scuff, dent, or scratches on your vehicle. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that can help you with that. Some ways may mean using useful products, but it may also mean using simple household items like toothpaste for example.

The trick of the toothpaste

ou may have known and read the amazing versatility of this hygienic product. It is famously known for whitening the soles of the shoes. To know its approximate effectiveness, try to find an old pair and apply the toothpaste on its side soles. You will definitely notice the changes almost instantly. But it definitely goes more than that. It is also used to protect a lot of delicate items like eliminating CD and disc scratches. It can remove stains from leather wallets. It’s a smooth buffer that can also remove scratches on your gadgets’ screens. Why is it so effective? It has something to do with its components that are comparable to a sanding paper. The more we scrub it on the surface in motion, the more it penetrates to catch on to removing the imperfect particles of the surface. This is quite comparable to its original purpose for polishing our teeth, removing unwanted food leftovers and stains. It pretty much has the same purpose for a vehicle too! To buff, a car is similar to this as well. However, it is very important to note that this trick works best for scratches than having not severely penetrated your car’s surface yet.


Taking advantage of high technology by using car buffers

The different car buffing devices are all over the internet these days. Of course, you see them in the nearest local hardware near you. But there are definitely wider arrays of choices online. You may search and prepare criteria for your choice, and see what’s best for your vehicle. This is the ultimate and most sophisticated way in how to buff a car. The device will surely give you a shiny shimmering splendid experience. It works and acts as a polisher to your car’s exterior body case. This machine is professionally a should buff for your car. Whether you have a brand new one or a decade-year-old, it would be hard to tell the difference between the two, if you use this one. Buffing is a lot easier when you have this device. The good news is that it’s not as pricey as you would have thought. For as low as $20; you can get yourself a decent car polishing device. You get to choose what special features and functions you’d like to have. Some special features include portability, compactness, electrical saving, and speed in motion movements, cordless feature, and a lot more. You might be surprised to see that there are just too many amazing tools that can help your car maintain its shine. And of course this effective tool buff car with the help of wax pads for further improved shininess and quality. There are a lot of different brands of wax pads and creams that are suitable to match this device.

Have your car buffed

This is your easiest step by step how-to-buff guide. Once you’ve secured yourself an electric buffer device and a great quality wax cream. It’s time to start the process.

1.      Apply a great deal of polisher to your vehicle’s outer surface.

2.      You may begin with the car hood as you can see the results more visibly.

3.      Place your buffer device on to the compound and gently move the buffer in different motions. Try to maintain the same circular motion as you finish buffing the entire car.

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