Chevy’s Silverado as One of Chevy’s Ugly Trucks

Chevy’s Silverado as One of Chevy’s Ugly Trucks

If you search reviews online about pickup trucks these days, you’ll find some trending topics about ugly trucks. It seems that people have been openly criticizing some trucks not because of their performance and running conditions, but the way they actually look. Pretty cliché, don’t you think so? In the modern era where looks are much more prioritized for some people, no judgments there, it comes as a commonplace even for the truck industries. A lot would feel that if something is ugly, then they would probably be not suitable for them as well. This is the same for vehicles though. The pickup trucks have been getting a lot of criticisms despite its innovations and new designs. One of which, is currently getting a lot of that, is the Chevrolet Silverado. It has now been considered as one of the ugly chevy trucks. For a lot of car critics out there, this category is just waiting to be filled in with more ugly designed pick-up trucks. How is it even possible for cars to be called ugly? It’s a chevy, shouldn’t be chevy trucks be beautiful? Why do they call it ugly then? Let’s find out why.

Pickup trucks before

ugly chevy trucks

A lot of car lovers would probably tell you that pick up trucks have been so much more beautifully designed in the past, compared to the current era. There is just something appealing for them to see their pick up vehicles look simple and that’s just about it. For them, a pickup truck should look like a pickup truck. This was when the popularity of trucks heightened in the 1980s. It was a trending car at the time. There was no style that was expected as it was commonly farm implemented. Countryside people would always rock a pickup truck, not because of their looks but because of its purpose. However today, that’s not the case anymore. A pickup truck is not used for anything farm-related, and it has also widened its popularity and is common even for urban people. In recent times, the trucks have been turned to similar cars in the Transformers movies, which worked well in movies but not in real life, nevertheless.

Criticisms of the Chevy’s Silverado


Chevy fans have been disappointed yet again. When Chevrolet first released pictures of the Silverado HD 2020, people thought it was weird looking. The Chevy Silverado design is just so nasty and hideous; others have already settled their judgment that it’s not a good looking pickup truck. Well, the interiors of this car might act as its saving glory and probably redeem it. But that’s not the case though, its interiors are still far off from the interiors of its competitors. So with that being said, it is concluded to be one of the trucks Chevy should be ashamed of creating. It might pass on to own the title as the ugliest Chevy truck, but there are actually more trucks Chevrolet had launched in the past that also earned some serious criticisms.

Other ugly pickups by Chevy

·        Chevrolet SSR

Another Chevrolet ugly truck was the Chevrolet SSR, which was a two-passenger convertible truck. It was launched and made available in 2003-2006. It was short-lived but some people would blame the design as the cause of the model’s failure to succeed. It had imbalanced proportions and looks like a clown mobile too. It definitely was part of the ugliest Chevrolet trucks.

·        Chevrolet K10 Sno Chaser

Nobody would dare call this as a chevy truck. It’s too ugly to call it a Chevy. But when people see the Chevrolet badge in front and back, then yeah it definitely may pass as one of the ugly trucks by Chevy. The front design actually looks so normal and cool but the spoiler comes at the bed-mounted rear part. This Chevy special-edition is actually one of the lowest quantity of cars produced by Chevrolet. They did the right thing, though. No one would like to own one, anyway.

·        Chevrolet Avalanche

Now, this truck actually had one good detail. It had a big truck bed sidewalls. They were used as coolers for tailgating. However, the rest of the features of this ugly truck are completely weird and awkward looking too. The cladding is plainly ugly. It is not an SUV, and it doesn’t look like a truck as well. The rear part of the passenger can be opened to make it look like a pickup truck. Overall, it just didn’t work out.

Why is Silverado one of the ugly pickups?  

An author of some car reviews might have written articles as to why some Chevy pickups are ugly. If you search online, you may find several reviews not only from authors of websites but from car drivers themselves. It seems that Chevy fans, themselves, were also disappointed with the ugly Silverado. Silverado is not only weird looking but the one feature that totally gave it away is its front design. It just won’t sell. The headlights are also shaped strangely, like an alien-looking shape that most people think of it as ugly. The design of the grille just impacted its appearance so badly. A lot of car fans might have to agree that if Chevrolet would remove the grille of this truck, then it would look like one of the normal Chevy’s pickups. The grille is like a big ugly face of the truck with the wording and font that says ‘Chevrolet’ and it looks like it had been slapped on the forehead of this ugly truck Chevy. Although there could be some or very few people who might find Silverado’s appearance appealing, this ugly truck still earns more No than a Yes. Chevy fans would probably settle for a more boring and conventional pickup truck than owning one of the ugliest trucks.

In conclusion, automakers have launched more models that we could count, that flopped and were criticized as ugly trucks. As for the Chevrolet Silverado, although it does look ugly on the outside, the interiors are actually not bad. For its price, it sure has something great to offer. At least the rights Chevrolet can have on this model are exclusively for them, and no other company will dare copy. Not to mention, it actually is capable of a 6.6-liter V8 diesel engine. And its torque power is mighty strong. It can tow heavy cargoes and other vehicles as well. If you are interested in this model, contact your car dealer, and have one model reserved! Good luck owning an ugly powerful truck!

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