Convert your Nissan SX to a V8 engine

Do you have an old Nissan 240Sx? Is it still in a running condition? It’s such a waste to just simply give it up right? If you have the funds and the guts to reform and overhaul it into a better performing car or a drift car for that matter, read along as we tackle the nitty-gritty topics of engine swaps. If you love playing with your car parts and components, you might try to do some swapping. You might be surprised by the outcome and you can even do more customization to your newly converted car.

As you may know, the turbo and motor of a v8 powered engine have better performance and power. It results in faster speed driving too. This article will probably suggest and encourage you to make the bold move of swapping your S13 240Sx engine to a V8 engine.

Before we start doing anything mechanical about the 240xs ls swap, it’s better to understand what these engines are, what a 240xs is, how an LS swap 240xs should be, and what the benefits are for V8 conversion and swaps.

What is a Nissan 240SX?

Nissan 240SX was introduced in America in 1988. It was released exactly after a year it was launched. The 240SX is a sports car and this came as a replacement for the 200SX which was the S12 model of Nissan. 240SX’s inline engine usually had a capacity of 2.4 liters. The Nissan S platforms were able to release S13 which was in 1989-1994, and the S14 which was sold in 1995-1999. Nowadays, this Nissan 240SX is a perfect match with an LS model with a V8 engine, and both can have a swap engine if drivers want to change its motor and transmission.

What is a v8 engine?

You can always search V8, and check what you can find for references. But let’s have a brief summary of what this engine actually is. A V8 engine is a usual configuration used for most performance-oriented cars like trucks, SUVs, and sports cars. This 8 cylinder engine gives more power than other older engine inventions. It is more compact and lightweight as well. It has excellent horsepower, capable enough to perform conveniently. It has a great balance of torque, horsepower, and most importantly, it also does not consume so much fuel so it’s very economic. Compared with 4 cylinder or even the 12 cylinder engines are way too small or too bulky for cars. Ergo, it would always be preferable to choose a V8 engine for your S13 ls swap.

Let’s talk about 240SX-engine-swaps

A Nissan 240SX engine swap needs several components and procedures to make it possible. First and primarily, GM’s LS engines powered in V8 are a great match for your Nissan 240SX engine swaps. It has even better compatibility than its stock engine if we talk about its weight distribution.

Whether you have the mechanical and technical talents, or you prefer to contact a professional car mechanic to convert your engine, here are some practical tips to start with the conversion of your Nissan 240sx v8 swap:

1.      Select for a good running condition of a General Motors LS V8 engine. The LS series of Gm has a lot of choices to choose from, fortunately. You may opt to buy some cheap ls engine at a junkyard, or buy some crate motor directly from GM. This latter option comes with complete wiring so you don’t need to worry about that part. Do note that investing in some averaged price v8 engine is necessary for a successful 240sx engine swap. There are great buys that have a reliable motor condition. You just need to patiently do your searches. Don’t limit yourself to going to just one junkyard. Try to look around and go to a few numbers of car shops too.

2.  A Tremec T56 transmission is also needed for your 240sx swap. It comes with a 6-speed manual acceleration and is suitable for your ls conversion. It needs to be modified slightly but it doesn’t require so much effort to do so. Try to hammer out and fit the transmission tunnel to fit the T56 properly. Furthermore, another important thing to consider is to try to find a good clutch to install as well.

3.      Secure your own mount kit and car tools. This ls swap is a popular one so you may find and harness some useful tips from car experts everywhere. Most people use their 240sx s13 through a v8 swap so you should be fine. Try to secure all the other necessary mounting tools like some kits available in-car accessory stores. Another thing to consider is buying a new oil pan too. Once you have them, you’re good to go.

4.      Lastly, you might also consider changing your rear differential and axles. It would be best to find wider rear wheels. Your s13 motor is originally built for a 4-cylinder engine so it would be best to change wheels to fit the engine swap. The wider rear wheels entail a better control for spinning.

So, that’s about it. There you go, it seems that you’re ready for a DIY motor swap, if you’re confident enough, that is. Your old Nissan 240sx with an ls-swap will definitely become a favorite newly reinvented car of yours. These tips might be helpful for you but you may read more about this famous swap all over the internet. You may also ask some car mechanics about some car parts that you’re not familiar with. Have fun with all the greasy tasks! 

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