Dean Winchester’s Chevy Impala Car in Supernatural Series

Dean Winchester’s Chevy Impala Car in Supernatural Series

Are you a TV series fan? Do you get that giddy feeling when a new episode has finally been made available for viewing? The waiting is the worst part. Most series addicts couldn’t wait for the new season to be released, especially if the last season leaves an intense cliff hanger. What happens next? Well, you might have to wait to find out. It goes the same for Supernatural fans. For more than a decade now, this BC-filmed series have gotten into the hearts of a lot of viewers around the world.

About the Supernatural Series

Supernatural started way back in 2005 with actors Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. They are the main leading roles of the cast. This American series was created by Eric Kripke. The series had been filmed in British Columbia, Canada for over a decade now. And this series has been produced by Warner Bros. Television, with Wonderland Sound and Vision. Supernatural has been deemed as a drama, action, dark fantasy genre which basically tackles supernatural powers and concepts. The series was only supposed to last for 5 seasons maximum at first planning, but ratings are unbelievably going very well. And by its 11th season, Supernatural became the longest-running action fantasy TV series in all of America. It reached the 15th and ultimate season as it finally released the finale which consists of 20 episodes on October 10, 2019. This series actually did not only gain fans of the supernatural and fantasy film genre but also gathered fans of the famous Chevy Impala car which was considered as Supernatural’s car. The setting of this series was filmed everywhere in Vancouver and the impala was always shown in these clips. Dean and Sam’s dad’s car which was the Chevy Impala became one of the series’ components why it survived a long time and lasted until the 15th season.

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Since it became the longest running series under the fantasy fiction genre, it is often compared as a crossover of the fantasy series such as The Dukes of Hazzard and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Supernatural Synopsis

In a nutshell, the series is about the two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester who were played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. They are both professional ghost and demon hunters and they would drive around everywhere using their dad’s old Chevy Impala. They were known to be the protectors of the innocent and constantly battling against the evil.

As every character in their storyline plays an important and interesting role, the car Supernatural has used on its sets is not exempt. It has been one of the highlights of the series. It has earned its name and brand as the “Supernatural Car”, which of course car enthusiasts who are also avid fans of the series enjoy knowing and watching more of this classic car.

The history of the Supernatural Car

The Winchester boys’ long lost father was the real owner of this Impala car. This car became the 3rd leading role in the series as it was always featured and filmed in a lot of episodes and clips. This four wheeled automobile became the homestead for the brothers. Their journey for fighting against the supernatural had always been made possible while driving around and using this classy Chevy impala. Their dad’s car was their frontcar and it witnessed far more than anyone else did, when they have journeyed the dangerous roads of fighting demons and ghosts. This Impala is more than just a prop in the series; it relatively owns its own character. It is more than just background transportation.

The boys pretty much grew up in the road and the Chevy became their constant companion as they lived their nomadic lives. There have been some episodes where it features the Impala getting a bad crash and damages due to some fight scenes or what-not.

Characteristics of the Winchester’s Impala

The Impala included a bench seating, a cassette deck which often plays Dean’s favorite rock music. It also features a line-lock where they can do smokey burnouts. Now for the car’s trunk, it definitely is big and wide enough to store a body. It has a function to trap demons inside. And of course, it is used to store all the apparatus and devices for smiting the devil and the unholy. The prop department does a pretty good job stocking up the car with what every ghost hunter would need. While on set, the Winchester brothers would always ride their impala, tune up their rock music as they go along for another supernatural adventure. This impala had long become the 3rd Winchester of the clan!


How many Impala cars were used on set?

You guessed it. There is no way they’ve been using just one car for the entire 15 seasons of the series. It’s just impossible, right? How could they be able to feature a lot of things and do a lot of tricks with just one car as their prop? Well, to put your mind at ease and to put an end to your mind-blogging questions, there is definitely more than one impala used on set. Jeff Budnick who works as the car coordinator of the TV show, had gathered a total of 7 impalas for the shooting. Not an easy task, if you ask him. He also had one impala chopped so it can be easier to shoot and film in moveable sections and that the camera can fit in easily. Budnick would share his stories of how he was able to find some impala somewhere on the block. It’s a classic car that some might have given up on them so Budnick went and about, trying to fix these cars and be used on set for the TV show, Supernatural.

Budnick is not limited to securing different Impalas for the show. He is also the one maintaining all of them- to be in their best running condition. He prepares them and gets them on set. He oversees the stunts of the cars and makes sure that the impalas are compatible with the characters in the series. So, if you are a Supernatural fan, and you like the storyline especially enjoying the scenes with the Impala, give this guy some credit!

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