Do You Love Cars? Then Watch These 15 Shows on Netflix Fast!

If it seems like you are already running out of movies to stream, worry not. That’s because Netflix’s roster of car shows is never short on being stellar. Netflix shows on cars cater to just about everyone, ranging from a long-term car enthusiast to a newbie in the world of gears. 

Running out of one show or episode to watch after the other should be the least of your worries as there are various car shows on Netflix — customizations, restorations, races, obstacle courses, and even a comedian driving around with a buddy to find the perfect cup of coffee!

Without further ado, here are 15 of the best Netflix car shows in random order:

West Coast Customs

Did you use to watch the MTV car show Pimp My Ride, which was hosted by rapper Xzibit? Then you surely know that it was that show that made West Coast Customs a household name. These days, the guys from West Coast Custom, which is, by the way, based in Burbank, California, got their own show. All you have to do is watch an episode to know why.

Counting Cars

There are a couple of reasons why the show Counting Cars is one of the most popular car customizations shows on Netflix. First, it’s just as entertaining and mind-boggling as most other reality shows out there, be it about cars or the Kardashians. Second, the opinions of its host, Danny Koker aka the Count, are conceitedly assertive. But true fans of the show do not have a hard time putting up with his mouth.

Rust Valley Restorers

It seems like there is never a shortage of car restoration shows available on Netflix. Case in point: another one of them that’s called Rust Valley Restorers. However, this one is kind of different because it’s all about the restoration of some old and abandoned cars. Because it’s a Canadian show, you know that the cast is made up of polite people.

 Hot Rod Unlimited

Back in 2012, the publication Hot Rod produced video versions of the stuff that is featured on its pages. Each episode talked about various things under the sun, ranging from the latest cars, racing, and customizing. However, you can also expect to spot a lot of product placements, but that’s okay as the show is never short on entertainment factor anyway. You can come across a lot of episodes of Hot Rod Unlimited on Netflix as well as YouTube.

Top Gear

One of the most popular magazines out there is Top Gear. But the Top Gear that we are going to talk about is something that you can stream on Netflix. The show first aired in 1977 as a British TV series. Top Gear these days is a far cry from its earlier versions, especially because it has received some updating not too long ago. The good news is that a lot of the show’s long-time fans say that it’s actually more entertaining than before. So if you’re not yet hooked on Top Gear, don’t be left behind — start binge-watching it.

Highway Thru Hell

This one is not cut from the same cloth as most other car shows on Netflix that you can come across these days. Based in Canada, Highway Thru Hell follows the lives of rescuers of Coquihalla Highway. After streaming an episode, you will surely feel proud to be a human being because these guys are teeming with heroism and bravery. By the way, you may have to do a lot of catching up as it’s on its seventh season now.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

The title of this Netflix show pretty much says it all: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is all about comedians in a car getting some coffee! It stars Jerry Seinfeld as well as a comedian (a different one per episode) that he picks up so that the two of them could grab a coffee. And by the way, in every episode, Jerry drives a different car from his extensive collection. Some say that he’s funny, while others say that he’s just a show-off.

Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip

 Here’s a show on Netflix that’s kind of similar to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and it’s got a long title, too: Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip. The star of the show, Paul Hollywood, debuted on TV as a judge on the hit shows The Great British Bake Off. Other than baked goodies, he is also very fond of cars. You can watch Paul drive around France, Italy, and Germany with a different guest buckled up in the passenger seat each time.


No, you won’t find flattened squirrels and opossums here. Roadkill shows you how a bunch of editors and other guys from the publication Motor Trend attempts to restore, repair, and modify some automobiles that have been out of commission for a really long time. By the way, this Netflix’s car show started out on the YouTube channel of Motor Trend, but back in 2012 it revved up its engine and made its way to the world of streaming.


Speaking of Motor Trend, the publication has another one of the best shows on Netflix currently, and it’s called Ignition. The content of each episode is really simple, but never short on dazzle: it takes for a test drive cars that a lot of consumers are interested in. This is the Netflix show to watch if you want to get introduced into the automotive world as its hosts are really good at explaining all stuff about cars.

Head 2 Head

No, it’s not a dirty movie on the web. It’s a show about high-performance cars that are being compared to each other based on their runs and lap times. Debuted on Netflix back in 2012, this is the one for you if speed is one of the things that you are looking for in an automobile. Right now, two seasons of Head 2 Head can be streamed.

Fastest Car

This Netflix show is just like Head 2 Head in that it’s also about some of the fastest cars ever to be driven on the face of the planet being pitted against each other. With the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari 488 as regulars, you can rest assured that your head will spin each time you watch Fastest Car.


If watching cars running at lightning speeds doesn’t seem to thrill you enough, wait till you get to check out an episode of Hyperdrive — it’s about fast cars alright, but they are racing against each other in some of the most treacherous courses and obstacles ever! If Top Gear and American Ninja Warrior had a baby, it would be Hyperdrive.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

There are a handful of car shows about Formula 1. However, only a few of them are able to make the audience hop in, and one of them is the documentary series called Formula 1: Drive to Survive that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at super-fast cars and their drivers. However, you may be disheartened to learn that both Ferrari and Mercedes decided not to participate since last season. But who knows? They might once again someday!

Dirt Every Day

If you are sick and tired of seeing shiny cars, then this popular car show on Netflix is for you. Dirt Every Day is all about average guys and their beloved 4×4’s. Each episode is full of various terrains, customization tips, and cheesy jokes. Currently, you can stream more than a dozen episodes.

So, which of the above car shows on Netflix have you tried watching? Were there those that you loved better than the rest? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below so that others may give your recommendations a try — and dodge those that didn’t impress you that much.

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