Don’t Buy a Round Windshield Ice Scraper Without Reading This Review First

A traditional windshield scraper can get the work done. However, no one said that it can get the work done quickly and efficiently. While the tool is capable of removing ice from the car windshield, it has some design flaws. For instance, it doesn’t maintain contact with the curved windshield at all times. It also usually requires a two-handed use which, by the way, could hurt the hands as it’s not ergonomically designed.

Fortunately, there now exists a much-needed alternative to it, and everyone refers to it as the magical car ice scraper. It earned such a moniker because it reinvented the design of a traditional ice scraper from the ground up.

Should you get your hands on this product which is commonly sold online in packs of three, four or five? Before you do so, keep on reading first. Below you will come across some of the most important things that you need to know about the magical ice scraper — what makes it different from other scrapers, how it’s used, etc.

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What Makes It Work Like Magic is the Design

Perhaps you’re like many of the people who wondered what those colorful cones were whose photos everyone posted on Facebook and Instagram. Well, those are magical car windshield ice scrapers. They come in many brand names, such as Scrape-A-Round, Scraper Cone, and Miracle Scraper.

 However, most people have agreed to call the product magical car ice scraper or something to that effect no matter the brand name. And what gives it a magical performance is its unique design.

Unlike a traditional scraper for removing the ice, frost or snow on a car’s windshield, the magical variant looks more like a miniaturized traffic cone instead of a scraper. As with most cases, change is good. This is why if you are unhappy with your current ice scraper, welcome change and buy your very own magical ice scraper.

To better appreciate the product’s design, let’s take a quick look at some of the design flaws of a traditional scraper:

·          The handle doesn’t come with an ergonomic shape, which means that it can be difficult to use. What’s more, the design requires you to use both of your hands, tiring your arms and draining your energy quickly.

·          Aside from having a terrible design, the handle is also made out of a rigid plastic material. While this is good for product longevity, it can hurt the hands. The only time that the traditional scraper won’t harm the palms of your hands is when you’re donning puffy gloves.

·          Efficient removal of ice and snow is prevented by the angle of the scraper itself. Because the windshield is curved, the scraper fails to maintain contact with it all the time, thus causing you to work harder.

·          Here’s one more reason why you need to work harder each time you are armed with one of those ice scrapers that we’re accustomed to: the product works only on the forward stroke, not during the backward stroke. Most especially if you are in a rush to get somewhere, a time-honored scraper is likely to fail you.

Rumor has it that a retired engineer is the one who came up with the unique design of the magic car ice scraper. Whether this is true or not, everyone agrees that whoever redesigned a traditional scraper is a genius!

The Shape and Material Used Work Hand in Hand

What makes the new breed of ice scraping tool work like magic is that it comes in the shape of a cone. Its appearance does not resemble a traditional car ice scraper or a snow brush, and that’s a good thing because it addresses various design flaws that make the old-fashioned way of scraping ice from the windshield frustrating.

For instance, the cone shape allows the product to remove ice on the surface of the windshield not only during the forward stroke, but also during the backward stroke.

Because the part of the product that comes into contact with your car’s windshield is round, you can remove ice no matter the direction or angle of your stroke. As a matter of fact, it’s a great idea to combine all sorts of movements — circular, straight, upward, downward, forward, and backward — if you want to save both your energy and time. It’s exactly because of the product’s shape why you can clear up your windshield and be on your way in no time.

Unlike otherice scraper car solutions that we’re all used to, the magical car scraper is made out of a soft type of plastic. This is a good thing as it is flexible enough to maintain constant contact with the surface of your windshield and windows. Also, the material can keep the rubber trim of your car’s window out of harm’s way. Wherever there’s ice or snow on your car magic scraper can be used on it without leaving any scratch or dent.

The handle of the product comes with studs. Aside from providing grip, the handle also comes in very handy for breaking patches of ice on the windshield. Just flip the scraper over and use its handle for smashing stubborn ice.

Many people who already own the product are delighted to learn that it can be used other than eliminating ice from the windshield. The handle can be removed, turning the conical scraper instantly into a funnel, which allows you to transfer a container’s liquid content into another container without spills. And when it’s time to go back to clear your windshield, simply put the handle back into its place. Having a magic ice scraper somewhere in your car can give you peace of mind that there is something that you can use for removing ice as well as guiding all sorts of liquids into small openings.

Just Before You Add the Product to Your Cart

As with other products that you can get your hands on, there are a few cons associated with the magical car ice scraper. For instance, a lot of people complain that the studs on the handle end up worn down after they are smashed against ice patches a couple of times.

The magic scraper, just like what was mentioned earlier, is made out of a soft type of plastic. In an attempt by the inventor to safeguard the rubber trim of windows and keep the hands of the user from hurting, the longevity of the studs is sacrificed. Perhaps this is the reason why magical ice scrapers in the market are being sold in packs of three, four, or five — a purchase includes scrapers in an assortment of bright colors. However, in terms of the durability of the other end of the tool, the one used for removing ice on cars, many are satisfied with it.

We hope that this quick review has helped you decide whether or not you should purchase the product and throw away your old-fashioned ice scraper. Clearly, the magical car ice scraper comes with its own set of pros and cons. It’s completely up to you to weigh them and figure out if it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and buy it, too.

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