Elio Motors: Revolutionizing Transportations

Elio Motors: Revolutionizing Transportations

Have you ever found yourself getting surprised and shocked by how much the total amount of money you’ve actually spent on gas? Perhaps, you hadn’t been computing, but you’ve felt the impact of it through your monthly expenses. At the end of the month, you might have spent more than your budget. That’s because gas prices have been spiking high these past years. Moreover, car prices are also inflating year after year. But people need transportation. We need to transport ourselves from a place to another. You may be a student, an employee, a business owner, a senior and retired person, a housewife, or anybody else; you need to ride something to go somewhere. And everyone has never been ready enough to have a smarter option, to embrace a transportation revolution. Elio motors are basically for everyone who needs to drive their way from home to work or from home to school, and anywhere else. These car models inhibit the ingenuity of an American company established by Elio Motors.

What’s an Elio Car?

The Elio car which is called Elio P4 is a creative embodiment of an automotive enthusiast named Paul Elio, who was focused on delivering an innovative vehicle that can help Americans defy transportation costs. This three-wheeled enclosed car bears his own name and is designed with a lot of promising features and functions. It occupies two people, the driver, and a passenger. It has amazing fuel efficiency, with revolutionary automotive technology. It has an uncompromising feature for its safety so it is a perfect car for everyone. Furthermore, as part of Elio’s vision, it is set to provide thousands of career opportunities to Americans. All these features are the main outline of Elio’s vision. 

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Features and functions:

–  Gas Efficiency (84 MPG feature)

This automotive company’s strongest feature is its gas efficiency feature. It has 84 MPG (miles per gallon) consumption. Basing it on simple physics, the minimalist design of Elio cars made it possible for them to eliminate wind drag, thus, resulting in double mileage capacity. For an average driver, this will be a huge savings of $1,500 for fuel expenses. At an expense of approximately $800 a year, that entails 12,000 miles, considering the price of $4 per gallon of fuel. It does not only stop until there. This also results in lesser gas emission and therefore is great for our environment. This is definitely a great cause and effect situation. Imagine if most cars could save up on fuel just like how this vehicle could, then we could surely notice carbon production decreasing gradually. Quite interestingly too, the company’s in-house researchers mentioned that a flatulent cow could even emit more gases than these motors. How cool is that?

–  Uncompromised safety

It’s not a surprise that any automotive company would prioritize safety. We are dealing with human lives after all. With Eliomotors, you never have to worry about driving in compromised situations. Not only conducting thorough tests before production, but Elio also instilled several safety management systems. These are three airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and a unibody frame. Nevertheless, it meets the highest standards of safety in the automotive industry.

–  All-American Pedigree

Paul Elio believes in establishing a company that could contribute to the American economy. His center goal is placed in America as a target market, living to American dreams, providing Americans jobs and career growth, and bringing America’s ingenuity in the car industry. They are targeting to hire 3,000 employees in the facility and supply stores. They make sure that their people can perform quality service to their customers. And another 18,000 people are also offered with indirect jobs as well. This definitely impacts a huge number of employment in the continent of North America.

–  Low Priced but High Quality

Elio Motors is geared towards making automobiles affordable for people. It is concerning how everything just seems so expensive these days. When they include price as their feature, they live up to this part of their vision. Hence, $7,450 as their base price is estimated to be reasonable for their market.


About Elio Motors

Elio Motors was founded by Paulo Elio in 2009. Their headquarter office is located in Phoenix, Arizona, America. Elio’s mission in his business is to produce a revolutionary vehicle that is economical and is effective as personal transportation. Furthermore, it makes sure to meet the quality standards of safety and makes sure to be environmentally friendly as well. It’s also providing thousands and thousands of jobs in their headquarter office and proposed areas of operations all over America. It has started accepting preorders and is now focusing on starting its production soon. FutureElio is currently engaged in making the American dream happen and finally participate in the innovative breakthrough of three-wheeler autocycles. It will be launched and will be available in the American market soon.

Target Market Users

–  Students and College learners

Because of its super economical feature and safety, it is primarily targeted for students who need to go to their campuses on a daily basis. Even if they live independently, or with the entire family, these vehicles could be perfect for a student’s convenient means of transportation. It is a two-seater so it has enough room for the student and another friend or a family member who wishes to go somewhere together. The minimalistic design is also an advantage, not only because of its economical gas consumption but also through driving in narrow streets and spaces.

–  Single People or Couples

Because of its two seats available in this motor car, this is perfect for single men and women, who are troubled to use a conventional car. For someone who likes innovative approaches to making life easier, this vehicle is definitely for you. Additionally, if you live with a husband/wife/partner but without kids, you may also want to avail of this automobile. Not only does it provide a fun and safe driving experience, but it’s a huge saving for your joint account.

–  Family

The Elio is also perfect for an ordinary typical American family. You may add this along with your sedans and SUVs parked in your garage. This vehicle is perfect for use whenever your kids want to grab something which is conveniently near. It is very easy to drive and park anywhere. It’s great for grabbing food at a local restaurant, purchasing groceries quickly on a weekend, or simply going somewhere to visit. This is just perfect for any American family!

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