Ford Motor’s Well Known Emblem

Everyone could tell a car’s brand by simply looking at its logo. This is the reason why car companies need to strategize their branding and design effective logos very well, as it plays a big part in marketing. Ergo, proper marketing would result in higher sales revenues. Ford Motor Company is concerned with this strategy so they tried to come up with a recognizable Ford logo. The automotive industry had grown rapidly over the last few decades. It is still continuing to grow and more new car companies all over the world, attempts to join the gigantic industry. Why not? The market is definitely sustainable; everyone drives a car these days. It’s been part of human’s basic necessities. The means of transportation is an everyday part of our lives. Ford had been one of the pioneers in satisfying such needs. It goes long way back, their company had been one of the first car companies that revolutionized and contributed to where the industry is, currently. This article content will tell you about Ford and how they came up with their company logo.

Ford’s History

Ford motor company is familiarly called Ford. It is an original American company with headquarter offices located all over America such as Dearborn, Detroit, and Michigan. Henry Ford was the founder, thus the company bears his name as the brand. On June 16, 1903, it finally became a corporation. Ford sells automobiles for the middle-class market under its own brand. It sells luxurious cars under a different brand of the same company as the Lincoln brand. Over the years, Ford continued to acquire shares in some other automobile companies. To name some, it owns Troller which is a Brazilian SUV manufacturer. It has some shares of stocks in the company Aston Martin which is based in the UK. It also owns 32% of the shares of stocks in Jiangling Motors which is based in China. Not only that, but Ford is also currently in joint ventures with countries worldwide, such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Russia. As of now, Ford is the second-largest producer of cars in the automotive industry. It also ranks as the 5th one on a global scale.

A common mistake for how some people perceive Henry Ford is that he is responsible for inventing the first car. Another one is that he is attributed to have come up with the first assembly line for car manufacturing. Both are regarded as false but although Ford was not the first one to do both, he had definitely made a lot of even better inventions; that is the revolutionized combination process of the assembly line and car making. One basic and the truest thing though is that Ford made it possible for the masses to acquire their own cars. Ford made it available not only for luxurious and wealthy families but to all middle and economic classes of the society. This was a life-changing event in America at that time.

The birth of the Ford logo

ford logo

It’s safe to say that anyone can easily recognize their company logo because it has been familiar to most people ever since. Ford’s logo started with a logo encrypting its entire company name, Ford Motor Company way back in 1903 when they first launched their car model. However, in the years between 1906 and 1910, the ford logo was changed by using a patented font style which is known as Script with Wings. It has extended F and D letters which were designed exclusively for Ford’s use and Ford emblem. Finally in 2010, Ford revised the wording design and style and they have continued using it until now.

The Ford logo had ordinarily transitioned. Way back in 1907, the oval design of their emblem was because of the company’s advent entry to Great Britain. The oval in their logo emblem is perceived to symbolize reliability and affordability. Some British entrepreneurs who were named as Perry, Thornton, and Schreiber, were the ones who took notice of using an oval figure for the logo.


In 1912 though, a sudden turn of events from the logo’s history was when the oval logo was replaced with a triangular design. A mixture of blue and orange was used for its font and background colors. And on the bottom of it, there was a written wording which was “The Universal Car”. This however, lasted for only a very short period of time, because Henry Ford was not convinced and decided to change the emblem yet again.

In 1927 when Ford redesigned its first car, Model A, they launched it as the 1927 version of Model A. This was the first time when the logo Ford oval badge was finally put into use. Through the 1950s, they continued using the trademark in all of their cars. In 1976, the combination of blue and silver with the oval outline had been a mandatory placement for all Ford motor vehicles.

Meanings behind the elements of the Ford Emblem

n 2003, while Ford celebrated its 100th founding anniversary. They have introduced the latest and most updated version of the Ford badge. The blue color of the background has been changed to the gradient. The silver outlines were changed to white as well. As for the oval shape, they have decided to make it a little more flattened.

The Ford logo is now designed with the famous exclusive transcript of Ford in an oval accent. The logo has been popular through its background Ford logo blue color. It is set to demonstrate continuing excellence and strength of the company, while the white font used on its Ford wording represents elegance, nobility, and purity. There is already a white oval line, outlining the blue background, which makes the emblem more significant looking.

Nevertheless, Ford as a world-class automotive car company has successfully established effective branding through Ford’s logo design. The company takes importance for its tradition, its history, recognition, stability, and growth. And it is noticeable that the changes in their logo were very minor. Henry Ford was able to retain its elegance with the original Ford emblem and highlighting minimal changes to make it even more brilliant than it already is. No doubt, the Ford logo is one of the most classical and elegant logos of the car manufacturing industries in the world these days.

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