Getting to know the Toyota spokeswoman

Getting to know the Toyota spokeswoman

What makes an actress a good actress? In the world of Hollywood and show business, the competition is vast. Depending on your taste in movie genres, you definitely have your favorite celebrity or actress. You may not know all their names but you sure know the ultimate stars of the red carpet during the Oscars or Golden Globes. Now, let’s shift to commercials on TV. Are you familiar with some famous commercial actors and actresses too? It’s evident that companies nowadays also rely on public relations and advertisements. Yes, it’s not only limited to promoting their products or services but moreover, this is a basic strategy for them to reach out to their target audience. Customers are the most important component of their business, after all.

Let us focus on advertisements

You may know her and see her act in the movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love. Or probably seen her on YouTube or Instagram, but she’s actually the face that represents Toyota. The Toyota spokeswoman is a firm believer in the brand that she represents. No other than Laurel Coppock, you might know her face but with a different name. Known and popular to be the character as Jan Toyota in a lot of her commercials on TV and online media, she is actually Toyota’s spokesperson.

Toyota Spokeswoman and her influence

Acting as the nice and friendly receptionist of Toyota on most of the commercials, Laurel Coppock actually plays a much more important role than just an actress. After the first launching of her advertisement as Toyota Jan in December 2012, it became successful and resulted in more advertisements therein; it became more like a sequel. Some viewers and prospective buyers were anticipating the release of her next advertisement. Toyota believed in her positive influence. Ed Laukes, VP for marketing in Toyota North America puts it perfectly, when he said that Laurel is the trusted face of Toyota and it’s an automatic recognition once someone sees her face. Everyone would now refer to her as the Toyota lady. Laurel owns that kind of appeal that reaches to people and assures them they can trust her and that she trusts Toyota, so they should trust Toyota, like the way she does.

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Laurel Coppock’s Bio

Laurel Coppock, as elegant, confident, fascinating, funny, and charismatic as she is, there are actually a lot of things that people don’t know about her. Aside from being the face of Toyota, she has a lot of backgrounds not only for acting, but for many more talents that she has.

Laurel was born on August 22, 1970, and she is married to an American actor named Bobby Mort. Her mother is Susan Coppock, and she has two other sisters named Selena Coppock and Emily Coppock. It was said that her mother was also an actress and some of her family were said to be performers on Broadway. It is definitely not a wonder where she got her talents from. She attended the Colby College for her primary education. After which, she then pursued acting and joined the Square Acting Conservatory in New York. She grew up in the East Coast and she lived in Chicago for a while as she continued studying Theatre. She participated in lots of comedy shows. She also lived in Amsterdam when she joined Boom Chicago, and she stayed there for a year. However, it was when she came back to Los Angeles, when more opportunities came her way.

How did she become Toyota’s Spokesperson?

She actually almost missed the auditions. Not because she did not have the talent nor the skills, but because she almost did not want to show up for auditions. Laurel Coppock shared one interview on a web show called Commercial Break, which she almost gave up auditioning for commercials because she felt it was not for her. She had just too many rejections and it was too depressing for her to bear. There were almost no gigs that went through. She was not getting any projects or bookings. Sure, she did land some minor roles in some famous and known movies, but it was a time where her acting career seemed to take a halt. However, after a while when Toyota released an event for auditions, she finally succumbed and went for it. It was then that Toyota decided to create a storyline about Jan. Before it became a success and huge hit, Toyota actually planned to make a smaller and regional campaign only. But those plans went down the train after Toyota Jan received welcoming recognitions and support from fans and viewers. Toyota ordered the commercial author to create a more interesting storyline featuring Jan Toyota. And the rest is history.  

Recent updates about Laurel’s activities as the Toyota Spokeswoman

Exactly on April 6, 2020, Toyota decided to launch another campaign showcasing Laurel as the spokeswoman of the company, of course. The ad is focused to ease the worries of their Toyota customers and prospects. As the Corona Virus hinders all business activities, and kills all opportunities, Toyota found a way to speak to the public about their initiative to offer help despite these difficult times. Since Toyota executives believe in the effectiveness of Jan’s recognizability from viewers, these new advertisements show Jan Toyota in a short split of time. She is portrayed to be filmed at the comforts of her home, and this plays an important part because it proves that Toyota respects the current decision of most people around the world, to maintain social distancing. In these advertisements, there are two clips taken. The first is focusing on Toyota’s offer to help customers through their car’s needs. The second one is to remind the viewers that Toyota is still continuing to operate and is offering a “no contact vehicle delivery” so people can still choose to purchase their cars even in these rare situations. And so, Laurel Coppock ends the last part of the commercial by assuring the viewers that Toyota cares. The videos end with Jan Toyota saying, “We’re here for you.” What do you think about Laurel as the Toyota Spokesperson? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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