GMC’s Iconic Vandura as The A Team’s Van

GMC’s Iconic Vandura as The A Team’s Van

If you’re an 80s kid, then you’re probably familiar with some famous classic series from the past. For sure, you have also heard about the very famous series which was called “The A-Team.”

The A-team in a nutshell

The A-Team was an action-adventure fiction TV series that was aired in 1983-1986. It was about some fictitious former members of American Special Forces. However, these members were accused of doing some crimes that they didn’t do, so they decided to escape the military prison and run away. They still worked as soldiers of fortune, trying to fight crimes, while they were on the loose. One of the reasons why the show became famous for most viewers was because of its comical-like violent scenes. There were a lot of instances where weapons and guns were used but the leading roles won’t get hurt. It was unrealistically interesting, and they were very witty with their scripts and lines too. They would also make creative weaponry out of old vehicle parts. There had been some catchphrases in this TV show that became well known and were even printed in some commercial merchandise. It was in 2003 when a survey conducted by Yahoo for 1,000 television viewers showed that The A-Team was voted as an old series that people would like to have revived. It even had beaten the Knight Rider and the Dukes of Hazzard.

The van used in The A-team

There is another character in The A-team series that is surely familiar for everyone but did not receive so much recognition for its presence. That is the black and metallic grey GMC Vandura van that was used by the A-team, themselves. The A-Team van had some red stripe, with black and red turbine wheels, and a red rear spoiler. It played as the main mode of transportation by A-team’s members. It’s kind of ironic how the team van was chosen when it’s probably so easy to spot them because of its uniqueness. And although vans weren’t as iconic as some trucks and sedans in some movies and films, this team van actually became iconic and known for most 80s kids.

a team van

The origin of GMC Vandura Van

This A-team van which was the GMC Vandura van was produced by GMC from the year 1964-1996. Although there were a lot of changes for the engines and other internal machines of this van, GMC did not change the exterior appearance so much. It was in 1964-1966 when the first generation of Vandura was developed. It was powered by a flat-four or flat-six Chevy engine at that time. The rear windows came in optional, there was no air-conditioning yet, and it was plainly basic looking. A year after that, GMC developed the second generation. It gave Vandura a more curved windshield. It was from 1967-1970, and they also made the base of the wheels longer as the customer’s wish. And finally came the third generation of the Vandura van, it had lasted far longer than the other two generations. In 1971-1995, it offered a solid construction and more options for its powerful engines. This was the model that was used in the A-team series, as the A-Team van.

How many vans were used on the set of A-Team?

GMC provided the TV show with several vans for specific scenes and purposes. They even provided a Vandura van with a sunroof for main-shots, and one without a sunroof for stunt shots purposes. The show had used a total of six original vans. One of these is now displayed in the Cars of the Stars Motor Museum located in Keswick, Northern England. And the other one which was used on the A-Team movie was also showcased during the 2010 New York International Auto Show. The GMC Vandura has a GMC logo on its front grille and rear door, and although the TV show blacked those logos in their second season and onwards, they still gave credits to GMC after each episode. GMC also continued supplying their vans for the entire seasons of the A-Team.


The A-Team movie

The series was a huge hit that they even decided to make a movie. The A-Team movie was released on June 11, 2010. It was starred by some great celebrities in Hollywood such as Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Quinton Jackson, Sharlto Copley, and Patrick Wilson. Since its storyline was pretty much based in the actual A-Team series, it was successful and became an average performer at the box office. The film made a good amount of money as a lot of the team’s fans watched it and enjoyed its nostalgic feels. The viewers seem to have contact from the past.

How do movies and series choose their symbolic vehicle?

Some TV shows and series would always feature a vehicle that represents so many actions, scenes, and memories. It also contributes to its popularity as a whole. Of course, during the storyline planning, the TV show production management should consider a lot of factors before deciding which automaker they would work with. They have to choose a car model that will be a perfect match for their story as well. Another factor is that they have to secure enough units of a certain model, especially if it will be used for a long-running series. There should be a care coordinator in charge to have every scene with the car in it, become smooth and successful. The car usually might always play a minor role, but viewers are also keen at observing their conditions on set too. However, for The A-Team, they sure chose a car that’s fit for their concept. It seems that in The A-team’s case, it was a win-win situation for both the TV show and GMC as well.

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