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Have You Seen Kia’s Logo in Korea and the New One, Too?

Have You Seen Kia's Logo in Korea and the New One, Too?

If you check out online forums talking about some of the most boring or hideous car logos, it’s for certain that one of those that will be mentioned several times is Kia’s.

A lot of people complain that the Kia logo is too plain. While the Korean car manufacturer’s offerings are awesome, many feel that the emblem that appears on each one of them isn’t giving Kia cars any justice. The missing crossbar or horizontal stroke in the letter A, according to some, does not do anything to make the design eye-catching.

You may have a change of heart if you are one of those who cannot stand Kia’s logo, once you come across a Kia car in Korea. As a matter of fact, you may not believe your eyes that it’s a Kia.

That’s because in Korea, Kia cars are brandishing an entirely different logo!

kia logo
Kia Logo in Korea

Yes, the logo Kia uses comes in a couple of types: the one that those in Korea see and the one that everybody else sees! The Kia emblem that’s exclusive in Korea looks so wonderful that you will surely take a selfie right next to it and post in on your Instagram or Facebook account to be seen and liked by family members and friends who share the same opinion, as well as the rest of the planet, ‘s regarding how boring and ugly the Kia logo in their hometowns is.

A Quick Look at the Logo We’re All Familiar With

Come to think of it, there is nothing massively bad about the Kia logo that we can see whenever a car from the Korean car manufacturer drives by or parks before us. It comes in an oblong shape, which is the shape of so many logos that you can think of — inside and outside of the automotive world.

Across the oblong logo is the three-letter name of the car in all caps. What’s so nice about Kia’s name is that it’s not too long as to make its oblong logo look cluttered, but long enough to keep a lot of negative space inside the logo’s confines from making its presence known. So in other words, the entire concept is plain and good.

This is exactly the reason why so many people have a problem with it. Kia cars are far away from being boring. However, Kia logos are downright boring!

And what’s up with the letter A missing its crossbar? It seems like the designer of the logo ran out of time and handed the design to the executives unfinished. Or the designer, at the last minute, had a change of heart and decided to scrap the crossbar in the letter A to make the logo look cutting edge. But it doesn’t, and many agree!

The New Logo Won’t Make It to All Kia Cars

Did you know that there is a new Kia logo around? No, the new logo is not the one that we were discussing before, in particular the trademark logo that’s on Kia cars in Korea. This brand new logo doesn’t look anything like the logo that our eyes are accustomed to, and positive reviews are pouring in.

To know the reason why it’s getting lots of two-thumbs up, all you have to do is take a look at it: the serif font is gone, and in its place is a sawtooth-inspired look. What remains intact still is the oblong border.

Kia Logo 2020

But before you get too excited, there are a couple of important things that you need to know about this new Kia logo with an unmistakable cutting-edge design that could easily outshine some of the coolest car logos that you can think of. First, this is just a concept logo and it has yet to be approved. If you love Kia and you would like to own one brandishing an emblem that’s so much cooler than the first logo, you could try looking for petitions online convincing the Korean car manufacturer to use the new logo design.

Second, many imagine that the revamped logo will only appear on certain Kia car models. Some firmly believe that the logo will only grace high-end SUVs and electric cars. However, it’s too early to know what the Korean car manufacturer is planning to do with it exactly. Keep your fingers crossed that the new emblem logo, should it become official, will be spotted across all types of Kia cars.

Going Back to the Outstanding Logo Used in Korea Only

Even though the brand new logo that will surely look fantastic on brand new Kia cars isn’t official yet, there’s a logo that’s been official for a long time now and is grabbing lots of attention: the one on Kia cars in Korea.

Instead of bearing the car’s three-letter word, it only displays the letter K. The good news is that it doesn’t appear in the serif font used on Kia’s logo as we know it. The letter K comes in a very stylized fashion. However, it’s evident that the design is from the very same car manufacturer. It’s because this time around it’s the logo’s letter K’s backbone or vertical stroke that’s missing — in the old logo, the one that’s missing is the crossbar of the letter A.

Despite that, it seems like everyone all over the planet is all praises to this Kia logo exclusive to the car’s line in Korea. It still features an oblong shape which, according to Kia itself, represents the planet earth. The three-dimensional letter K, on the other hand, signifies the car company’s dynamic growth in the global market. The red background, the car company adds, is Kia’s official color, and it signifies the passion to keep on getting to the top.

Kia owners who would like to get rid of their cars’ text-based logos may get their hands on what’s referred to as the 3.0 K emblem, which is basically the very same logo found in Kia cars in Korea. However, many doubt that the rights to the emblem belong to Kia, which means that it’s likely to be not legit.

Have you already seen the Kia logo in Korea? How about the new one that’s yet to be declared as an official? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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