Have You Seen the Latest Lincoln Aviator Commercial Starring Matthew McConaughey?

Have You Seen the Latest Lincoln Aviator Commercial Starring Matthew McConaughey?

ASMR stands for the autonomous sensory meridian response. Put simply, it’s all about a tingling sensation that starts from the head and then spreads to the rest of the body. Many people claim to get all sorts of wonderful benefits from ASMR. It may sound so scientific, but the fact is that there is not enough scientific evidence that it works or how it works.

Why are we talking about ASMR? Well, that’s because it is practically what the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Aviator TV commercial is, which highlights the award-winning actor and the three-row SUV worthy of awards.

Haven’t you seen the said TV ad yet? Then head to YouTube right now and check it out — it’s just a little over a minute long. After watching it, come back and read the rest of the article. Feel free to share this on social media afterward so that your family and friends may also be able to read about Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Aviator commercial.

A Commercial Like No Other

Everyone can agree that Matthew McConaughey is a delight to look at. He’s also one of the most sought-after actors of today, which commenced with what’s referred to as the McConnaisance — a moment in Matthew McConaughey’s career in which he stopped accepting cheesy romantic comedy roles and took on some serious roles.

And now he’s the star of the 2020 Lincoln Aviator commercial, which some critics are referring to as the Lincolnaissance, which is basically Lincoln giving its SUV a new identity, just like what Matthew did to his career in the past.

What’s so nice about the said TV advertisement for the automobile is that it’s nothing like any other car TV ad that the planet has been seeing since way back when. As a matter of fact, in the commercial, you won’t see the Aviator rolling. What you will see a lot of, instead, is McConaughey waiting for an unsuspecting fish to bite the bait.

To know what we’re talking about (because it sounds unusual, we know), take a peek at the Lincoln Aviator commercial — it’s posted on www YouTube com for your eyes to feast on.

Soothing Sound Effects

However, it’s not just your eyes that will be enchanted while watching Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Aviator TV advertisement. Your ears, too, will have a grand time from start to finish. That’s because the commercial is teeming with all sorts of sound effects that could cause various parts of your body, including your brain, to tingle.

From the clicking of a knob at the onset of the ad to the heavy breathing of the actor when he hopped in Lincoln’s spacious compartment, there are many auditory treats around.

It’s because of the presence of various soothing sound effects from the start to the finish of the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Aviator commercial that makes it count as an ASMR video. Just like what’s mentioned earlier, it has the ability to cause the brain to tingle, and eventually the rest of the body. It was back in 2009 when ASMR first had an official name, and up until today, many people are into it, taking advantage of it in the form of audiovisual gems.

Even if this is your first time to encounter ASMR, watching the latest Lincoln Aviator TV advertisement starring Matthew McConaughey will let you experience its effects on your body as well as mind.

The Benefits Offered by ASMR

ASMR is especially popular in this day and age when a lot of people are experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. That’s because the tingling effect ASMR brings is known to be followed by a state of mental and physical relaxation. So in other words, watching the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Aviator TV ad can help calm you down.

However, it’s important to note that not all people have the same reaction to ASMR videos. There are those who say that it doesn’t seem to have an effect on their minds and bodies.

As a matter of fact, they confirm that they do not encounter the tingling sensation that many people report experiencing upon exposure to ASMR. If you are one of them, sadly, watching the ad of Lincoln McConaughey stars in may not help lower your stress and fend off your anxious thoughts.

Still, some people are reactive or sensitive to ASMR, and they could be a bunch of your family members and friends. You can be of service to them, especially those who are living stressful lives when you share Matthew McConaughey car commercial on YouTube.

Just Before You Go

 There is no denying that the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Aviator commercial is a visual and audio masterpiece. It’s no wonder why it has 20 million views since it was launched a couple of months ago. Whether or not ASMR can improve your mental and physical state, watching the TV advertisement can certainly leave you mesmerized.

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