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How Did Mercedes Acquire its Three-Star Logo?

How Did Mercedes Acquire its Three-Star Logo?

If you are a car geek, I’m sure you’ve also dreamt of owning your very own Mercedes Benz car. Or maybe you already have one. Owning a branded luxurious car is definitely a common goal for any car lover or car collector. Mercedes Benz is a well known German company that is quite famous for its wide range of luxurious vehicles. They produce a lot of different kinds of automobiles; such as luxurious sedans, SUVs, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, and ambulances. They’ve definitely got it all for you. There is no denying the fact that you also want to know their story behind their success. Owning one of their products is not enough, it is important to understand why they are one of the top producers of luxurious cars in the automotive industry. Read along, as this is surely going to be an interesting story.

How did a luxurious car brand last its successful branding all these years? How did this company start? Why do they produce such quality, excellent, and sophisticated car models? Well, all these questions always have answers.

The story of Mercedes Benz

It started 93 years ago, specifically in June of 1926, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler started this company. Carl Benz introduced the first-ever gasoline-powered car which was called Motorwagen. This car became so popular and Carl’s wife, Bertha Benz even added spark to the fire when she started driving this car. It was a time when that was a revolutionary movement for genders driving, as it was more common for men to drive than women. Bertha became the first female to drive it and she did it to promote her husband’s invention. It became so successful that ever since then; people have constantly depended on their company’s innovations for means of transportation.

On the other side of the fence comes Gottlieb Daimler. Along with Benz and Maybach, they developed a stagecoach with a petrol engine. It became part of the Daimler Motors Corporation. This concept of invention earned the interest of an Austrian businessman who is Emil Jellinek. He decided to be partners with Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler and created their car model in 1902 which they then called 1901 Mercedes. They use Jellinek’s daughter’s name to carry the brand of the car they invented. From then on, Benz and Daimler decided to continue their partnership and started honing their company to become pioneers of the car industry.

What about the Mercedes logo, how was it founded?

Any company tries to create a symbol that shadows their brand image. The purpose of logos is to make a brand well-known even with a brief look at the emblem. It’s about brand awareness. The Mercedes logo has thought of the same concept too. It wants to create an emblem logo that leaves an impact on their customers and everyone else in society.

The significant and popular logo meaning Mercedes have is actually simpler than you’d expect. The three-pointed star idea was derived in a postcard that was sent by Daimler to his wife. He tried to explain that one day the star would bring prosperity and success to their factory. DMG patented the rights of this graphic design version of the three-star symbols. The company trademarked it into a logo with a blue color at first. They changed it into a silver one eventually.

The company of Benz at that time was called Benz & Cie. Their logo’s design was projected in a circle emblem with a laurel wreath that surrounded their company name. Finally when Daimler and Benz decided to merge together, they came up with a great combination of both emblems: a three-pointed star surrounded by a laurel wreath and the name Mercedes Benz, as their trade name.

The Representation of the Three-Pointed Stars

Aside from its literal discovery of the meaning behind these stars, not only do they wish for a star to bless their factory, but it also represents the values that the company strongly keeps to continue its success. Now, they have provided the meaning of the three stars that relate to their plan of dominating innovations of technology and engines in land, sea, and air. These are the three points that they continue to strive in contributing brilliant inventions and discovering brilliant concepts. There is no doubt that their engineering concepts are crafting domination in these three different elements.

Mercedes’s updated logo now

As a couple of Mercedes logos have been designed and paused over the years, the current modern-looking logo of Mercedes continues to attract people all over the world. There is no doubt that this small Mercedes emblem became one of Germany’s pride. The updated Benz logo is now silver-gray, portraying sophistication, luxury, power, and domination. Although the three stars used to be perceived as a family trait and background, it is now shifted to a different meaning and purpose. The three stars are a reminder of how Mercedes plans to alter conventionalism through Daimler engines in the three elements of air, land, and sea, where the transportations are used.

The Novice turned Expert

Starting from their humble history, the Mercedes way of success made them quickly grow and become one of the largest giant companies in the automobile industry these days. The Mercedes-Benz brand has proven itself over the years, to stabilize its growth and continue to innovate concepts for the better comfort of lives in society. Their vision and purpose relies on constantly meeting the demands of future mobility.

Mercedes Benz, more than a luxury brand

In conclusion, Mercedes-Benz maybe a luxurious brand that is often related to style and symbolizes the status of a person, but its rich historical background and hard work tell us differently. They have proven that they are definitely more than a luxury brand. The company is a self-established empire that focuses on making the lives of the people more comfortable whether they travel by land, by sea, or by water.

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