Laurel Coppock: the Front Face of Toyota

If you are familiar with TV and commercial advertisements, it would be easy for you to guess the front face of the brand Toyota. If you are a Hollywood fan, her name might ring a bell too. If you are an avid user and viewer of Youtube, you’d see her face more often than not. She is the ultimate advertiser of the Toyota brand. The company has released some advertisements featuring Toyota Jan. And Laurel Coppock is the star. But who is she? How did she become the front face of Toyota?

Who is she?

Laurel Coppock or better known as the Toyota Jan of Toyota published commercials, is a famous advertiser of the Toyota brand. Yes, she is the lady that is always featured in that commercial you’ve probably seen some days ago. But before she became the face of Toyota Company, she also had her share of trial and error before being a successful actress.

She was born on August 22, 1970, and her spouse is Bobby Mort. Her mother is Susan Coppock, and her grandmother was actually a dancer and Broadway actress. Laurel has two sisters, Emily and Selena. Selena, just like Laurel, also shares the funny genes and is working as a stand-up comedian.

All about Laurel

Laurel Coppock actually starred in a popular Hollywood film called, Crazy, Stupid, Love. With lead actors Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling, she played a minor part in this movie. Although this was probably a big break in her acting career, her debut was way back in 2008 when a movie Laurel Coppock acted in, called Food Chain. It was a film directed by Eric Moe. Laurel continued pursuing acting as she landed some roles in different movies and series. To name a few, she worked in series such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, Hot in Cleveland, and Modern Family. Besides being an actress though, she was also a member and a part of The Groundlings, which is a nonprofit impromptu organization and a sketch comedy theater group. Recognizable names are also co-members of this group like Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, and Kristen Wiig.

Laurel finished her university years at Colby College in Maine, USA. She later on pursued her calling in acting and attended a Circle in the Square Acting Conservatory in New York City. She performed several acts as an actress in the iO theater and even performed with Boom Chicago in Amsterdam.

She is also one of the co-creator of the funny sketch comedy series of the BreakWomb. Along with Megan Grano and Molly Erdman, they released a youtube channel that features MomCom, tackling topics of motherhood while enjoying with friends, and having a balanced life even as a mom. This channel will entertain you as you watch these 3 women feature trips to some places, and share funny stories and tips about motherhood.

Humble beginnings and auditions

Laurel once shared about her stories of almost not being able to attend the audition for the Toyota commercial. She reached a point in her career where she started thinking of giving up about auditioning. She was on the verge of turning her back on her acting career; she had no contact with any staff from the movie industry. Gigs and projects were very slow for her. She got tired of rejections and let downs. However, something in her just pushed her to try out for the Toyota commercial audition and Lo and Behold; she was chosen to become the front face Toyota superstar. What a twist of events!

The making of Toyota’s Commercial Star

It’s hard to even imagine watching Toyota advertisements without Toyota Jan. But what most of the people do not know is that Toyota actually thought of a different actress to act as the Toyota Jan. As unbelievable as that scenario may have played out, Flo from Progressive actress Stephanie Courtney was at the same time considered to land the role of Toyota Jan. These two were quite considered as competition. Fortunately though, we now have the perfect face of Toyota Jan and that’s because Laurel won the audition head to head.

Why is Laurel Coppock the best fit for the character Toyota Jan?

She’s a comedian. That alone leaves an advantage on her end to land big commercial breaks like this. Toyota is a car company that is expanding in a global scene. Fun and humor are the two components to make a successful commercial debut. Laurel Coppock’s natural humor would have cracked any serious person and viewer. It is always a breath of fresh air when Laurel represents a new advertisement for Toyota. She keeps us laughing in all her commercials.

For most people, the first advertisement for Toyota was the one that starred Laurel. It was the first time she played as Jan, as the main character of the commercial. In this advertisement clip, Laurel plays as Jan who is an employee who works for the Toyota Company. It was at this time that viewers started appreciating and noticing her quirkiness and humor. After a successful launch of this advertisement, the series had continued receiving successful recognition from people too. It was not long when she started representing Toyota. And she began to contribute to the better image and credibility that Toyota has earned over its long years of successful operations.

What’s next for Laurel?

Toyota North America’s Vice President, Ed Laukes, mentioned that when Laurel represents Toyota through their commercials, it gives Toyota instant credibility and recognizability. She effectively became the front face of the brand. Laurel Coppock has created several campaigns, one of which she sang on the advertisement. Another interesting one was when Toyota Jan was pregnant and Laurel was actually pregnant at that time. It was a perfect combination and a great concept for Toyota’s ad campaign. According to Toyota, they are still currently strategizing a new advertising campaign that can effectively communicate their message. There is no doubt that the next advertising campaign will bring optimism and an energetic vibe to the viewers and car lovers.

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