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If you are looking for a rugged and dependable all-weather vehicle that will last you for many years to come, then it is worth investigating the Midget Mk II. This vehicle was originally designed by the American military and is renowned for its reliability and durability and has been manufactured in Australia.

Built on the chassis of the former Cushman and Midget Amphibious vehicle, this vehicle is equipped with all of the safety features that have been introduced over the years and has been extensively tested by the Australian government. The Midget Mk II is extremely safe and reliable, especially when compared with its more modern counterparts.

This vehicle comes in three variants, including the Midget I vehicle which is very similar to the Cushman. There are also two models of the midget II and one of them is the midget IIi which has more powerful engines. The Midget IIi also uses different tyres and suspension, to cater for the different terrain and driving conditions.

The Midget IIi is slightly heavier and therefore more suitable for heavier vehicles such as the Ford Super Deluxe. This vehicle has been adapted so that it can be driven on dry surfaces but on an uneven road or with wet roads, it is highly recommended that the driver take extra care while driving it.

The Midget IIi is a little different from the other two models because of its improved engine performance, which helps to make the vehicle much more efficient than the others. The midget IIi engine is more powerful than the ones found on the midget I vehicle. However, the fuel efficiency rating of this vehicle is lower. This is a known problem with some midget II models, due to the fact that the midget II model uses a smaller engine and fuel consumption is higher than the others.

The Midget II has the same drivetrain as the midget me and has the same engine as well, which makes it suitable for military use. It has four-wheel drive and is quite reliable in bad weather conditions, so it can be used by many people.

The Midget IIi is the perfect vehicle for the person who needs to travel long distances on rough terrain or for those people who want to explore rugged terrains without the risk of accidents. It has been designed so that it is light in weight and very maneuverable. This vehicle is very easy to drive. and very comfortable.


It is ideal for people who are looking for a vehicle that is lightweight and easily manageable. The vehicle is also very safe when driving it comes to driving in bad weather conditions and is also suitable for military use. It is one of the best options available for people who are looking for a durable and dependable vehicle.

The midget II is considered a great choice when it comes to selecting a vehicle for military use. This vehicle has been manufactured with all the necessary safety features that would ensure the smooth running of the vehicle in all kinds of weather conditions and on all kinds of roads. This vehicle is designed to last for a longer time and is also capable of performing its task even in bad weather conditions.

When it comes to purchasing the midget II, one of the most important things to consider is the model, the manufacturer and the model range. If a person wants to purchase a midget II vehicle, he should do a lot of research on the various types available. This way he would be able to buy the vehicle that suits his requirements best.

If a person is interested in purchasing the Midget II vehicle, he can go through the net and search for different websites. There are plenty of websites that sell various kinds of midget II vehicles and one can choose from these options to make a final decision.

One can also visit local dealers, which sell various kinds of midget II vehicles in a more personalized way, and get to know more about the particular brand and make. If one decides to buy from the dealer, he can also ask for the information regarding the model that he desires to buy. to make sure that the kind of vehicle would suit him.

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