Tesla Logo: It’s more than the letter T

Electric cars have been increasing their appeal to most people around the world. Well, who wouldn’t find it appealing? The concept is definitely too good to be true. It definitely came true though, as Tesla started producing electric cars for the benefit of not only car drivers but primarily, the environment. It comes as no surprise that our earth has been fighting a persisting battle against climate change. It’s strongly noticeable, and although some people deny its realistic consequences, it is actually happening now. Climate change is an issue that always receives a shrug. Well maybe environmental activists are more proactive with their actions of fighting against it, but they are just part of the minority. It is plainly sad that the advancement of our technology has resulted in global warming. However, as ideal sounding as it may seem, to develop high technology machines and at the same time protect the environment, it actually became possible, Tesla did it. Read along and find out more about their company, vision, and their cat’s nose-like logo.

The origin of the brand Tesla

For those who don’t know Tesla, Nicola Tesla is actually a Serbian engineer and electro-technician who made an overwhelming discovery in his own time and era. He was a mechanical engineer and futurist as well. Truth be told, Nicola first thought of inventing an electric engine for cars and it was even discovered earlier than the Internal Combustion Engine which is known as ICE. ICE was invented much later than Tesla’s concept but it was commercially accepted and became acknowledged in the market.

Getting to know Tesla, Inc.

On the other side of the fence, let’s talk about Tesla Inc, which is the company and not the real person. Common sense would tell us that the brand name came from Nicola Tesla’s inspiration for his electric car ideas and invention. The company chose his name as paying tribute for his amazing and genius discovery in electric vehicle technology. The company is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company that is based in California. It was founded in 2003 and was named as Tesla Motors. They manufacture electric vehicles, and in another business section they also produce and develop solar panels, and solar roof tile. They also specialize in battery energy storage from home to grid-scale. Although most people would automatically assume that this company is owned by Elon Musk, there are actually five key people who founded the company. Elon Musk being one of them plays the most active role in terms of overseeing the product design at a detailed level. The design of the body and all the other components of the Tesla Roadster were basically Elon Musk’s ideas. So it’s no surprise that he received a 2007 Index Design Award for that.

Tesla’s Logo

The Tesla logo is more than the plain letter T. Look closer and you might see the resemblance. A lot of people would actually compare it to a cat’s nose.

The real story behind the T logo of Tesla is actually when designers found a part of Nicola Tesla’s blueprint of an electric engine. There was a part in the blueprint where it symbolizes and resembles the letter T. So they thought it would need some tweaking and it would be perfect to be used as Tesla’s logo. They played with the design and somehow resulted in a stylized and modern-looking font type of a letter T. The result was a mix of contemporary and stylish design. At first, the tesla logo was bordered and framed with a shield but they modified it and removed the shield. The letter T is left on its own. It now looks powerful and elegant and futuristic looking. It emphasizes its mission through its logos that it plans to actively contribute scientific advancements for the near future.

It looks very modern and fits the industry of Tesla, logo tesla is actually perceived by some people that it looks and resembles the cat’s nose. In an interview conducted with Elon Musk, he was asked to confirm such a question. And to everyone’s surprise, he did confirm it was true. Okay, so maybe he was just playfully agreeing to make more people humorously interested in Tesla logo’s cat’s nose like design. But if it is true, then it’s great for the cat lovers out there!

Another incident about the confirmation of the Tesla logo is when Peter James Dean tweeted at Musk and wanted to know the real theory behind the Tesla logo. He mentioned that a lot of people were dying to know what it actually means or how it was derived. Surprisingly, Musk replied by saying that the Tesla logo is actually similar to SpaceX. The letter T is like a cross-section of an electric motor, it is the same X placed on the rocket trajectory. SpaceX is a different company founded by Elon Musk in 2002. And his goal for this space travel is to offer reasonable transportation costs for traveling outer space especially the planet Mars.

The tweet was more realistically connected to the reason this design was chosen by Tesla Company. There may be a lot of prospected Tesla logos, but they chose this symbol to represent all the Tesla motors.

Before Tesla’s Electric Cars

Even before Tesla finally invented and launched its electric vehicles, the company was focused on developing and creating luxurious cars intended for the wealthy and rich of the society. Its business goal is to target the extremely wealthy people’s niche as they study how capable this market is. Selling luxury cars was their first business plan but it was then shifted to developing electric vehicles. The tesla logo was designed to fit its first business plan as well. The logo conveys a message of luxury, elegance, sophistication, power, and authority.

As Tesla was able to come up with the best suitable logo for their company, it is not deniable that at one look at the Tesla logo, Tesla shows its superiority and leadership. It portrays how they plan to maneuver any innovations and discoveries they will have in the future. Would you like to own a Tesla car? Contact your car dealer to know more about the model that you want.

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