Tesla Stores vs. Car Dealerships: What’s the Difference?

Are you most like people who hate going to car dealerships because the dealers are obviously trying to gouge a gigantic hole in a customer’s pocket?

Then read on. Below you will learn why you are going to have a totally different experience at a Tesla store. Yes, it’s called a Tesla store and not a Tesla dealership, and below you will know the reason why!

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Car Dealerships Suck

Do you know what they say about how the value of a brand new car decreases the moment that you drive it off the lot of the car dealership?

Well, it’s not unlikely for your stress and frustration levels to increase as soon as you step foot on the car dealership lot. That’s because it is the start of you having face-to-face contact with a dealer who will try anything and everything in his power to make you buy something that’s way beyond your available shopping budget.

This is exactly why a lot of people loathe heading to car dealerships — someone will only persuade them to buy the costliest car available, as well as encourage them to go get some upgrades and add-ons!

Especially if it’s your first time to go to a car dealership, the person there who is selling you stuff that you don’t want will surely cause your blood to boil!

Not a Dealership, But a Store

As soon as you step foot inside a Tesla store, you will realize right away that it’s nothing like being inside a car dealership. The fact is it’s not right to call it a Tesla dealership because it’s a far cry from such.

Many people who have already tried checking out various Tesla models at Tesla stores will tell you that the experience is pretty much similar to shopping for clothes or fashion accessories. That’s because the kind of service offered is different — instead of forcing you to buy a car, you will be told why you could benefit from driving a Tesla car.

This is exactly why it can be very inviting to step foot inside a Tesla store. It won’t leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and irritated, unlike when dropping by a car dealership.

But there are a few other things that you will notice why unlike car dealerships Tesla stores are not just places where the customers can directly get their hands on available automobiles. Keep on reading to know what they are!

A Store Like No Other

 One of the things that you will notice right away is that Tesla dealerships with their own lots do not exist. What exists are stores that can be found inside shopping centers and malls. A Tesla store belongs to the same category as a retail store selling all sorts of merchandise, from garments to gadgets.

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to buy any model of a car stamped with the Tesla logo at a Tesla store. You will find a Tesla car alright, but it’s not for sale.

The available car at a Tesla store is there for you to inspect to your heart’s content. You won’t be able to test drive a vehicle tesla while inside the store, but you can check it out for as long as you like, just like you would a dress, necklace, pair of shoes, or a smartphone before buying it.

What’s more, there is also no Tesla dealer at a Tesla store. What’s there is someone who will inform you what makes Tesla different from other cars, and why owning one can benefit you and the entire planet.

Buying One is Done on the Web

So where can you buy a Tesla car if there are no Tesla cars available at Tesla stores? From the company website! This is another one of the perks of purchasing a Tesla car — there is no need for you to head to any dealership; Tesla will be the one that will send you the model of your preference.

The reason why Tesla doesn’t sell its cars at its stores is this: in the US, it is illegal for a car manufacturer to sell its cars directly to the consumers. What the company should do is take their products to car dealerships.

For car dealers to rake in profits, they will have to sell cars at higher price tags. This is exactly the reason why they will do their very best to make their customers buy more than what they really need. Car dealerships can enjoy more money the more upgrades and add-ons that they are able to sell.

On the other hand, Tesla doesn’t have to go to great lengths just to convince shoppers to buy. At a Tesla store, the available personnel is more focused on encouraging you to be an informed consumer.

Just Before You Go

There is no such thing as a Tesla dealership. However, there are car dealerships that have Tesla cars, but not a lot of them are in existence. If you are bent on buying a Tesla car, the quickest and easiest way for you to have one in your garage is to go online and purchase it directly from the company.

If you want to know whether or not a Tesla car is for you, head to the nearest Tesla store. You can find one inside a shopping center or mall, just like any other retail shop.

Don’t be intimidated to visit one because the experience is nothing like what you would get inside a car dealership. No one at a Tesla’s store will force you to buy a car as well as purchase upgrades or add-ons — there are no cars being sold there in the first place. What you will get at a Tesla store is all the information that you will need for making a smart choice.

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