Unveiling the meaning of the Hyundai Logo

Car companies around the world have continued increasing their production over the years. Although statistics say that there is a 5 million-unit decrease in worldwide production from 2018 to 2019, it’s still safe to say that people use cars as the main mode of transportation. It can’t be helped for car companies to stay dynamic and continue to compete with each other. For a lot of car enthusiasts out there though, do you sometimes wonder about the meaning of the car logos? It seems that every car company has designed interesting and sophisticated logos that represent their brand as a whole. Although a lot of us do not know entirely the meaning behind it, one thing is for sure: these are selected for a special reason. This article is going to tackle the meaning behind the Hyundai logo and its company’s history as well.

Interesting and Humble beginnings

For those who are wondering how to correctly pronounce the Hyundai brand, this word is read as “Hyun-day.” This is “hanja” in the Korean language, which means “modernity”. Hyundai is a South Korean conglomerate company that owns several businesses in different sectors and industries. One of which is Hyundai Motors, it is an automotive car company. It was founded in 1967, based in the city of Seoul in Korea. They first successfully launched the model “Cortina” in 1968, with the Ford Company. After a while, they were able to hire engineers to focus on their own inventions. They came up with Pony, and soon after, it became a bestseller. That was then the time Hyundai could be perceived and started gaining recognition in the car industry. They started exploring different car categories such as SUVs and hybrids. They have also expanded their investment with Kia motors, totaling 32% ownership.

It seems that Hyundai, along with its humble beginning, did not come up with the smart logo that it has right now. However, after some time, they started using some Hyundai logos. They were not as defined as to what their concept is really focused on. Over time though, they made innovative symbols and resulted in an “H” logo Hyundai has right now. Currently, it has generated a huge market share in its domestic market in Korea. It is also starting to pave its path in the global competition of the automotive industry. It has distinguished its target market which is primarily focused on middle-class families and individuals. The company geared its emphasis on providing affordable but high-quality vehicles. They never stopped their innovative approach and continued to make room for progress and improvement. These characteristics have earned their company’s credibility over the years.

Ever since the year 1967 when they first launched their company, they have hired and sustained 75,000 employees worldwide.

The mysterious “H” Logo

The “H” alphabet logo of their company is definitely chosen because of the beginning letter of their brand. But of course, the design has a deeper meaning than what our eyes could decipher. Since the meaning of the Hyundai logo is modernity, they want to be perceived as a modern brand with promises of innovation and technology.

Furthermore, one mysterious fact you have to know is that the letter “H” is actually portrayed by two individual men shaking their hands. One man plays the part as the company, while the other man as the client. The act of shaking each other’s hands depicts a foundation of building trust in their relationship. Building trust is a very important concept for their company. However, as you may have seen now, the details of the Hyundai logo does not end there. There is an oval shape that surrounds the letter “H”, and that represents a different meaning too. Another noticeable design on the Hyundai logo is the oval figure that is commonly compared to a globe because of its shape. The automaker Hyundai’s company would like to mount on that global dimension as well. It is a part of the company’s vision, to be able to participate in the global market. It has started offering sophisticated car models all around the world, starting with countries all over Asia. Last but not the least, one more identifiable feature of the Hyundai logo is its color which is entirely in Silver. This illustrates sophistication, elegance, and resilience. Finally now, if you glance at the Hyundai logo, you will see the background as to how it was formed with great persistence and precision.

Hyundai: a Global Brand

Like any other companies playing in the global scene, it is never a smooth road to pave one’s path. Other brands remain on top of Hyundai. Some of the company’s strong competitors are Honda and Toyota. They are some of the best strong and reliable car companies in Japan. Even in the world market, these two are considered proactively robust. Hyundai however, could now play head-on with these two strong brands and the other veteran car brands in the industry as well.

Way back in 1986, they were able to penetrate the huge market in the USA. At the present time, the company is able to open up and continue its factories around the world. They now have production and assembly factories in Turkey, China, India, North America, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Brazil.

Future Plans of Further Innovations

Hyundai’s logo is now recognized by almost anyone and it continues to be well-known as Korea’s pride. It is the most popular Korean automotive manufacturer that is actively competing across the world. They continue to live up to their image as an innovative car brand, persisting in generating avant-garde car models. As of the present, the Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center, approved and supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board, is going to be operating in Singapore soon. This is for conducting innovative projects and activities. They will place a laboratory that will comprise a community from different researchers, suppliers, and key people. The expected year of starting its operation is by 2022. Due to Singapore’s positive and proactive projects about new technology, digitalization, and Artificial Intelligence, this will definitely result in a successful partnership with Hyundai.

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