What You Need to Know Before a Buying a Car

Are you in search of a new car? Have you decided to replace your old car with a new one? How do you base your decisions in choosing the perfect vehicle for you? Is it enough to know the specifications of your car? There is actually a lot more that you need to know, that can impact more on your deciding power. Well, one thing is definitely helpful for you. You have to know the different car trim.  It may be a bit overwhelming to absorb all the car brands, details, features, functions, models, trim levels, and options. Never let car dealer staff intimidate you about their expertise, information, vast knowledge about cars and machinery and engines. Let this article be your guideline so you could finally get the upper hand when you go to car dealership stores.

Technical side of selecting a car, understand the meaning of a Car trim:

Car trim refers to a version of the same model that the car company released. The trim or grade of a car model is derived from the base model car. However, the levels of performance, functionality, and features have all been upgraded to a certain extent. You can note the differences between different car models with different trim levels through the interior design of the car, added safety features, transmission and engine types, and external physical added components. There are a lot of auto trim packages that are usually offered by car companies to provide car users with a wide variety of options to choose from. Depending on companies, some of them also include optional functions like climate control, or even as basic as the seat types.

In a different context

In comparison, the different car’s trim is comparable with the different smartphones released under the same series. A smartphone that was released in one base model can be innovated and recreated with more additional functions and those become the whole part of the series. A similar concept applies to the vehicle industry as well. The vehicle car’s trim levels would also vary according to the base car model that was released.

Different trim levels

The auto’s trim comes with a set of features that are usually an upgrade from the base model or the first auto released. It is important for you to know what you want in a car. So do your research about the trim level that is offered by your preferred automaker. Knowing the specific model you’d like and not only the style, but also the trims will help you purchase a car that is the best fit for your wants and needs.

However, it is important to note though that the level of the trim car also influences and impacts the overall cost of your vehicle. The highest level of trim is usually the most expensive. According to some maintenance tips from experts, the fully loaded levels of trim for some cars are maximized with special features.

How are trim levels named?

Most famous automakers around the globe; like Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Honda, and some more, use pairs of letters to be added to the name of their car models. Some of the common letters paired to car names are SE, LX, or GT. Other luxurious brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet, and many more brands also use a combination of letters and numbers to represent a different trim. Quite interestingly though, in the past decades; most car companies use words to call a different version of the same car model. These were common by the 1970s-1980s.

However, some other car companies still retain the strategy of using words to name their car’s trim level. One of these companies is the Cadillac. They were known to use words like Standard, Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Platinum, which they have used in one of their series, Cadillac Escalade.

Tips for Choosing Car trims

It may excite you just by simply looking at the different trims of one particular car model. But you have to carefully consider each and every feature and aspect of the trim, as the prices sometimes have big differences with each other. Another reason car shopping is much more challenging these days is because of the advanced technological developments automakers implement nowadays. But it’s important to know what you want. Ask yourself what features you want for your car. Here are some tips to help you.

Features to consider:

·        Engine types

This is primarily the basic thing you have to consider in buying a car. Car engines that range from 1.4 to 2.0 liters are usually quieter than other car engines. They can be more refined even at higher speeds. Picking a larger engine also entails a lot of benefits. Some stereotype for this though, is that you might use up a lot of fuel. This does not hold true for all cars with large engines, actually.

·        Transmission types

You may choose from three kinds of transmission and these are manual, automatic, and CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Depending on your driving style, you may choose according to these different transmission types.

·        Seating options (leather seat covers)

The seats’ features come in a vast and wide variety of options. You may choose leather seats, different fabrics for your seats, and many interior features and so many more. Some automotive companies also provide heated leather seats. Furthermore, you may also choose seat designs and more.

·        Exterior features

This is somehow considered as the most important factor for some car shoppers. If they love what they see, then it influences their urge to choose the car model. Impulsive buying is attributed to what begets the eyes, right? However, it is important to dig deeper than physical features. The exterior cases of your vehicle should be in great condition. It is also important to know what materials are used for other external parts.

·        Wheel and tire sizes

If you love to drive speedily, you might take this category seriously. Some wheels and tires are specialized for speed purposes. Try to decide which wheels are best suited for your driving style. Men are quite keener about this option than most women.

It would be helpful to write down all these features and options that you like for your new car. You may narrow down your choices and finalize your decisions before going to communicate and contact with a car dealer. This is to avoid pressures and unsolicited advice from car experts. They may suggest a trim of a vehicle that you don’t need, but you decided to buy only because the car salesman was great in explaining car features. With these guidelines and tips, you can definitely know better!

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