Why Does the Porsche Emblem Exude Class and Sophistication?

When we see a Porsche car, it’s almost understandable to expect that the car owner or the rider of such a car is perceived as a rich or wealthy person.  Who wouldn’t do so? A Porsche car is expected to be as expensive as it can be. Some people might understand its value and tell you, it’s not expensive. It’s value for money. Well, you have to believe them too. Porsche is more than just a status symbol for wealthy people. It requires a deeper and retrospective understanding to know that it’s not just a normal car.

Porsche’s Special Assemblage

Primarily, there are many reasons why Porsche is priced as it is. One of the reasons is that they have a much-specified approach for their car assemblage. The typical production line of a normal car is usually handled by many people and workers. Each of these staff handles a particular function for the car. Nevertheless, it’s quite different for this company because each car model is actually assembled by a car mechanic expert. It goes to mean that each and every Porsche unit is very specific and is developed highly in a customized way. This may not only be the sole reason for the brand’s high-class category, there are a lot more factors that contribute to this.

Porsche’s history

The Porsche Company is a German automotive company which was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in the year 1931. At first, they offered motor development work and consulting. They did not build cars under their own name. It was at that time that the German government assigned them to develop a car for the people. Hence the “Volkswagen” was produced. However, during World War II, Volkswagen produced war tanks. It was after the war when Ferdinand Porsche lost his place as the chairman of the board of Directors. Ivan Hirst was placed as the one in charge of the factory; he is a British army major. In 1945, Ferdinand was imprisoned because of war crimes. So, Ferry Porsche, Ferdinand’s son, decided to build his own car. It was then named as the 356 and got road certified in 1948. This was the start of Porsche’s brand of cars,

The origin of the Porsche Emblem

The prestige Porsche emblem, as you can see, is as complex as it means. The emblem is not the typical one that you can see in a lot of other cars around the world. At first glance, it looks like it came from a very long and interesting history. You can’t help but wonder how they came up with such an emblem. The intricate details were designed with representations.

Porsche’s emblem features the coat of arms of the free people’s state of Wurttemberg. The arms of Stuttgart are placed in front of the emblem simply because Porsche had headquarters in Stuttgart, which is the capital of Wurttemberg. This image is of a black horse placed in the center of a golden shield. This simple symbol presents Ferdinand’s mission to immortalize the city through his inventions. And of course, true to his mission, Ferdinand’s creative logo revitalized and earned pride for Germany up until these days. As for the deer horns or antlers that are found beside the shielded horse, they represent the deers in the coat of arms image of Stuttgart. These animals are considered to be heraldic. Finally, the black and crimson stripes in the Porsche’s emblem were also credited to the Stuttgart coats of arms image. Here we can see that Porsche gives back the credit to Stuttgart, by using this original symbol, it goes to say that they are proud of where they came from. The entire logo and representations are finished off in the Porsche crest.

Porsche emblems never had major changes in their emblems. The significant and mighty looking crest with the Stuttgart coat of arms has always been the emblem that they represent. Of course, along with the spelled p-o-r-s-c-h-e emblem that is created in a modern-looking silver font, these two are mostly found in their extravagant luxurious cars.

About Porsche’s car models

Since Porsche has had a very long history, it was able to create more than 20 models of luxurious cars as well. From the 1940s to the 1980s, they had been naming their models with different numbers similar to the very first one released which was the Porsche 356. Currently though, they started creating sophisticated model names to match the elegant and graceful creation of these cars. Some vehicles include the spelled p o r s c h e emblem on its rear back, and this emblem is enough to tell how much the car costs. This font style logo which is simple in chromatic silver fonts with distances from each letter exposes modernity and exudes a futuristic vibe compared to Porsche crest emblem. There is a lot more innovative offer Porsche can be able to generate and contribute more in the future of the luxurious car industry.

In conclusion, Porsche has established its brand because of its persistence and its passion to succeed. It carries an unwavering leadership and commitment to providing excellent quality cars. Some of the most famous owned Porsche cars in the market up to date are the Porsche Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera, Taycan. If you would like to have a Porsche car added to your car collection, contact your car dealer, there are a lot of international car dealers that you can find on your search engine. Do a test drive, see which model is the best fit for you, and have the best ride of your life!

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