Witty Answers of “Why did the chicken cross the road” Joke

Witty Answers of “Why did the chicken cross the road” Joke

People have lived up with jokes most of our lives. Some jokes are too funny, especially when told by a funny person or a friend. There are also jokes that seem funny just because. And then there are some jokes that are kind of voided with anti-humor. Thus, it kind of kills the vibe and is a sarcastic way to make it seem like the joke is just a normal matter, no laughter needed after. “Why did the chicken cross the road?” is one of the most timeless yet downplayed jokes. There’s quite a debate as to why the chicken decided to cross the road. Long after the joke has stayed for almost our entire lives, people gave such witty answers.

About the joke

“Why did the chicken cross the road” is actually a riddle joke that has been asked too often, for too many times. It is usually answered with “to get to the other side”. Now this becomes the buzzkill and disappoints the person who might have expected a funnier punchline for an answer. “Why did the chicken cross the road” has been a great example of anti-humor. It has formulated a lot of answers by different people around the globe. It is one of the most iconic jokes up to date.

Never-ending answers of why did the chicken cross the road

It’s funny how people started getting creative with their answers to this joke. Some could not dare to believe the answer “to get to the other side”, so they started creating answers, much funnier than it should be. And then, there had also been a creation of tagged answers by well-known key people in the society, which very well suit the question. It’s great to see how wits have played and won out over this atypical joke. Variations of this joke have also started coming out which are actually funnier and wittier than the usual chicken crossing the road joke. Many people started their own entries to answer why did the chicken cross the road?

Here are a few witty and entertaining alternative answers:

Answer # 1:

“It was too far to walk around.”

This answer is very much acceptable, nevertheless. The chicken crossroads because it’s far too nearer than of course, walking around. The chicken probably did cross the road because it thinks it would be better than just walking around him.

Answer # 2:

“He wasn’t crossing the road but practicing to walk on the model’s ramp.”

This one is a complete mockery. A chicken is known for their funny walk. This answer is definitely an attempt to perhaps focus on chicken’s feet and how they walk.

Answer # 3:

“The Wi-Fi Signals on his mobile phone were not good at that side.”

It’s a funny answer because this is what a human would do; go to the other side or even any side, definitely wherever the Wifi signal is stronger.

Answer # 4:

“It was a dream.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

This is what’s great about witty answers like this. It just works and fits perfectly to the person who quoted it. Martin was a great leader, encouraging people to follow dreams and live brighter futures. Well, he wishes the same for chickens too.

Answer # 5:

“Chickens at rest tend to stay at rest. Chickens in motion tend to cross the road.” – Isaac Newton

Now, this theory does scientifically make sense. According to Newton, the chicken crossed the road because the chicken is in motion, so it is a normal and given tendency.

Answer # 6:

“He was actually helping a blind man in crossing the road.”

What a noble and witty answer, right? This chicken might have been taught with morals and good deeds, so it decided to help a man cross the road.

Answer # 7:

“The chicken crossed the road because it was time for a change. The chicken wanted to change.” – Barack Obama

America’s ex-president has finally released his entry to this riddle joke. And it definitely did not disappoint us. Known for his advocacy for change, he might also want to include the fact that the chicken did go along with his campaign about change.

Answer # 8:

“Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing roads together, in peace.” – John Lennon

The Beatles band member did not exempt himself from making an answer as to why chickens crossroads. He had taken out a very famous line from his song entitled, “Imagine.” Together, he said, the chicken cross in harmony and in peace with the rest of the chickens.

These different answers were taken out from forums and related posts about “Why did the chicken cross the road” joke, provided by several people online. Each and every answer is uniquely entertaining, definitely achieving to replace the dull answer which is “to get to the other side.”

Mind-blogging mystery to the meaning behind, “to the other side”

However, as entertaining and interesting this riddle joke will always be. A lot of people have also argued about the real meaning behind the real answer. It has a dark twisted meaning which portrays that the chicken actually crosses the road to kill itself. The other side, in this context means life after death. Some people claim that this is actually the real purpose as to why the chicken crossed the road. It definitely shifts the mood from a downplayed joke to a darker one, right? So people have not been accepting this concept, others simply disregarded this fact and proceeded to defend that the chicken crossed the road, and nothing more. But, it kind of triggers our thoughts and imagination though. It’s mind blogging and is in contact with reality too. Perhaps, the chicken crossed the road, in an attempt to kill itself? Why did the chicken do that? Is it undergoing some sort of depression? Is it too tired of its own life that it decided to do something so tragic? Questions are endless. Answers are a wide variety. It all depends on which one we find witty enough. What’s your answer, then? Why do you think did the chicken cross the road? Share your thoughts.

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