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Jeep fiberglass 1978 Jeep CJ5 with red fiberglass body, 6 cyl, manual, for parts or re - $3600 (Deposit)

Hi I try to describe anything Im selling as best I can, with as much detail as I can, to avoid disappointment to everyone. This Jeep has 4WD, Warn front hubs, has an inline 6 cylinder 258 engine unsure if ford or AMC, likely Ford with Ford ignition module Motorcraft 12A199, a T-18 4 speed manual ...

Fiberglass Jeep Body TUB

- Shell Valley has been making quality fiberglass Jeep replacment parts since 1971. Take note of your vehicle's original tub material. All the factory body mounts and stampings are present.

There are currently 1 used cars listings available in BINGHAMTON NY area. Refine your search in BINGHAMTON NY by ads types, Such as These, Other, About, Mounting, Parts, Steel, Email, Replacement. The average listing price for Steel ads on ZeMotor $3,600. Whether you are interested in seeing Fiberglass jeep body TUB items for sale in any of your favorite neighborhoods, Fiberglass, Tailgate,Contact,Shipping. Windshield,Installed,Offers you'll find what you're searching for.

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Fiberglass Jeep Body TUB
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